Retired Life at the Cabin at 10,000 Feet.

Retired Life at the Cabin at 10,000 Feet.

You have to be wondering what we are doing these days since we don’t start our new gig until April.
I imagine our life is very much like a retired couple’s life. And we are purposely enjoying what retirement periods we can now because it will take some major lottery winnings for J & I to enter traditional retirement down the line. We just don’t plan that far ahead for the future. We live for now; I mean I almost died of a blood clot last year, so you better believe I live for now!
So what does retirement look like for us?
We sleep in. We find the hours between 6am and 9am (sometimes later) to be the best sleep time. This is one of the reasons we could never have kids. 
We stoke the fire. Kosby the cat helps sometimes. 

We read and play on the Internet. I am still doing medical writing on a freelance basis (gotta pay those medical bills somehow). But, the best part about that is I can do as much, or as little, as I want. Also, Kosby the cat helps. 

We watch streaming Netflix, a new, awesome, addition to our lives in the last month. We have already finished 4.5 seasons of Breaking Bad (not sure we can wait for Netflix to put out the last 8 episodes)! We are well aware that we are always late to the game for many popular things like Netflix and Breaking Bad. Kosby the cat likes it too. 

We enjoy the mountain views. Kosby the cat likes them too. 

And when it’s not windy (boy do they get wicked winds in these mountains), we go out XC skiing and for walks. Pet-sitting has motivated us to get outside more. Did you know you can burn 700 calories per hour XC skiing? I figure this makes up for my pure laziness the other days. (Jamie & Rachel – here’s proof that both your pets are still alive!) 

We also go outside to go to watch sports at the local bar, the highest saloon in America. It’s a small town, so they now know us by our yellow car. We are happy to hear they will be televising the Olympics, so we may be there daily in a few weeks. 
We also window shop for local delicacies. 

J still finds time to go to concerts, of course. 

Lastly, we are honing our cooking skills in preparation for Oregon. This cat and dog LOVE to beg for people food, so when a dish doesn’t work out, we know who will eat it. 

I have to say, I like this retired life. We’ve had these “retirement” periods a few times in our life, and we often spend them here at the cabin. It’s a good life and we might as well enjoy it before life gets super crazy busy again this summer. 
Speaking of our future life in Oregon, we loved all the comments and e-mails from everyone! You all are just as excited as we are! 
And, as usual, many of you said you’d be visiting. We already had 4 friends from New Hampshire book a trip and I expect many more. I just want to warn you … we are literally in the middle of NOWHERE. If you thought BD was isolated, wait until you see RR. Closest gas station: 34 miles. Closest airport: 3 hours. 

3 responses to “Retired Life at the Cabin at 10,000 Feet.”

  1. Jamie L says:

    This may be one of the best blog posts yet! It's so great to see the pets happy and that you guys left the cabin to cross country ski!

  2. Misti says:

    Breaking Bad!!! I couldn't wait for it to be on Netflix either and bought it the digital download from Amazon. I think it was worth the $15.

  3. Rev Kev says:

    While I do love St. Joe Parish in South Bend, I do miss friends in CO and I miss our annual visit! It looks like retirement is treating you well! I too have noticed, that the hours between 6-9am are the best sleeping hours. That is why I wake before 6am so that I'm not tempted!


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