Currently …

Currently …

I came across a “Currently” blog post from this Colorado blogger and I loved the idea. Apparently, this is not new to the blogging scene, but once again, I live under a rock when it comes to these things. 
So here goes my own version of “Currently.”
Currently thankful for: being on blood thinners for only 3.5 months after my pulmonary embolism and not going bankrupt by my hospital bills 
 – on a side note, I believe I ended up at the least expensive hospital in the country 
 – on another side note, if anyone needs a recommendations for a hematologist in Denver, I have one
Currently sad about: the fact that we only have EIGHT lackadaisical days left in our mountain dream home. Going to be hard to say goodbye to these views.

Currently regretting: Because we have only 8 days left, I am realizing how many places we did not explore while temporarily squatting here in CO, particularly Rocky Mountain National Park this winter (tricky, winter roads). I also regret not doing any winter camping, but the cozy and picturesque cabin is to blame. The truth is, we got what we came for; a place in the mountains to settle for a bit. 

Currently excited about: moving to the Pacific NW and starting this new chapter in our lives. 
Currently not excited about: deciding what is coming with us to Oregon and what is not and seeing if we can fit it all in Big Bird.  
Currently proud of: my triumphs in XC skiing. It helps that the skies have been puking snow almost daily making for good “powder” and we have the time in our schedule to go skiing 3 times a week … 
Currently working on: freelance writing projects and taxes (yuck) 

Currently reading: How We Do Harm: A Doctor Breaks Ranks About Being Sick in America by Otis Webb Brawley
Current guilty pleasure: Weekly visits to South Park Saloon, the HIGHEST saloon in America, right down the street from us
Currently watching on Netflix: The Office, seasons 6-9, plus any horror movies my dad recommends

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