Midway Through America

Midway Through America

We left Danville, VA, March 14 and are still in the Midwest. Those head winds, tail winds and side winds are really strong with the kayaks on top, forcing us to go slowly … and we are certainly not finding spring here. 
Okay, the truth is, we were purposely taking our time across the US. We figured this may be our last cross-country road trip for awhile (sniff, sniff), so we might as well and stop to smell the roses, or see the people, in our case. 
First we stopped in Columbus, OH. Last time we were in Columbus, I was hospitalized with my blood clot. So we had to replace that experience with a better one. Of course no visit to Cbus would be complete without a visit to Mr. Sushi with our friends.   
Next up was Cleveland, OH, where there were just as many kids to visit as adults. It was a quick overnighter, but that’s what we do best. 

Whenever we drive across the country on 80, we always pass the RV/MH Hall of Fame in Elkhart, IN, and say, “we should stop there someday.” We never see any cars in the parking lot. “Someday” finally happened. What a great variety of RVs they had! Of course, it only strengthened our desire to buy one. “Someday.”

Next stop was South Bend, IN with our favorite priest and some walking around Notre Dame, which does not look as pretty amidst dirty snow. 

We finally landed in Chicago, where we spent the last week. For me, I was happy to have a place to catch up on some work and do 4 loads of laundry. For J, it’s was all about having cable television to watch March Madness. 
But mostly, J has been keeping busy changing some dirty diapers. Rest assured, not his own. Yet. But for this busy 16-month-old, who is either walking up and down the hallway with something in his hands, eating or pooping. Once again, J & I are walking away making the claim that being a parent is the most exhaustion job out there. 

And in other big news, J is parting with his phone and his Arizona number. Now some of you may not have even realized he had a phone since he has been using my iPhone and claiming he doesn’t know how to use it for far too long. He has had 3 offers from museums for his phone and he is going with the National Museum of American History. 
And if you made it this far into the post, here is my plea to vote for us to win a trip to Montana as backpacker ambassadors!! I know many of you voted, but I know not all our readers did … our chances of winning increase with more votes (although it is not solely based on that). Voting is open through March 31 and you do have to “create an account,” but that merely means give your e-mail, create a password you’ll never have to remember, then log in with it immediately to vote (or follow the link they said to your e-mail – I promise you won’t get other e-mails!!). Here is the link:

2 responses to “Midway Through America”

  1. Fred says:

    Is South Dakota on your route? I'd highly recommend going to a place called, "The Cosmos". It's near the Badlands. On all 4 of my cross country trips in the early 70's I always stopped there on my second day out of New Jersey.

  2. Camie Goffi says:

    FINALLY!! I know someone else who has been to the RV Hall of Fame! Well, two someone elses 🙂

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