Anniversaries in the Hospital

Anniversaries in the Hospital

My family seems to have this trend going on in that wedding anniversaries should be spent in the hospital.

First, J & I spent our 7th anniversary in the hospital this past October due to my blood clot. Now my mom & dad celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary in the hospital, as my dad had a toe on his right foot amputated after a bad fall that left it broken, then infected. He is okay and coming home this week!

Now I should clarify that my parents don’t really care about their anniversary. In fact, they would much rather spend it apart (I’m half kidding). You see, they fight … a lot. It is what they due best and they will tell you that themselves. I really do wonder how they managed 45 years, let alone 7.

So happy 45 years, Mom & Dad, even though you didn’t recognize your own anniversary.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I hope your Dad feels better!


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