High Points and Low Points

High Points and Low Points

Well, this week has been going much better than last week in terms of breathing a lot easier and having things under control. I felt like I was at the bottom of a pile of something (laundry? diced tomatoes? tipi liners?) and kept trying to stay afloat. But the thing about the hospitality business is that usually you can’t measure productivity in a to do list. There’s just too much going on at once. I’m guessing this is how it feels to be a stay-at-home mom or dad. Honestly, last week I’m not even sure I remembered to put on pants all week and I even put it on my to do list. 
Monday was my first day off in who knows how long and even though I was still here at RR, I felt like I was able to take a breather and reassess my “to-do” list. Blogging made it on there twice, which is why you get TWO blog posts in ONE week. 
The subject of today’s blog post: a different kind of anxiety.
J took off today and guess where he is? No, not at a concert. This is the one time I WISH he was at a concert. Nope, he is attempting to climb Mt. Hood, the highest point in Oregon at 11,249. Like Rainier, it is a snow-covered peak that requires mountaineering skills and common sense because of the crevasses, falling rocks, unpredictable, inclement weather and avalanches. I opted not to join him because, well, crevasses, falling rocks, unpredictable, inclement weather and avalanches. 
In any case, I am worried! It seems people are falling into crevasses and fumaroles and dying left and right on Hood this summer!! 
Plus, he is going with our good friend from VA, Bobby, aka Bolt. Bobby is not the best litmus test when it come to danger. In 2008, the 3 of us almost died in a thunderstorm on Mt. Washington because Bolt insisted we play Frogger through the lightening strikes. Still remains in my top 5 scariest moments. 

So do me a solid. Send good vibes J’s way. I don’t even care if he makes it all the way to the summit. I just want him down with all 10 fingers and 10 toes! 

4 responses to “High Points and Low Points”

  1. Mom/MIL says:

    I really thought (prayed) that the hood thing was a joke. Why can't he be a normal man and just watch sports on TV?

  2. Misti says:

    Stay safe, Justin! Can't wait to see photos! 🙂

  3. Siren says:

    I tried mountaineering for the first time this winter, although it didn't involve any crevasses or things like that. It is exhilarating though! I just wouldn't do anything more extreme without a guide or very experienced friend. I assume he made it back home safe and sound?

  4. Camie Goffi says:

    I think he's caught the mountaineering bug, P — better make peace with it and make sure he has an insurance policy that is paid up!

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