Currently: May … okay, June

Currently: May … okay, June

Current mood: Slowly getting in a groove here
Currently thankful for: J making it off Mount Hood safely, especially after the news that 6 climbers died on Rainier this week!
Currently worried about: 1) Succeeding as a waitress this summer and 2) flooding our kitchen with our dishwasher (happened again Saturday night during dinner service, but not my fault this time!!)
Currently excited about: Jason (Hoss) and Adrienne’s (theAccessory) wedding in Michigan in 2 weeks!
Currently regretting: not bringing more crappy clothes to get down and dirty. I’m ruining all my ExOfficio freebies from Backpacker!!!
Currently not excited about: moving out of the dope upstairs apartment of the lodge and into an RV
Currently proud of: my second attempt at growing vegetables in a place that has a short growing season (well, still TBD, but so far so good)
Currently reading: E-mails, e-mails, e-mails … the owners of RR like to send a lot of e-mails on a daily basis
Current guilty pleasure: Eating every morsel of the delicious food our chef cooks. I am definitely going to gain weight this summer …

Currently watching on Netflix: Lots of movies (Prisoners, Great Gatsby, Wolf of Wall Street), although these days we only watch 30 min to an hour at a time because we are so tired at night!

One response to “Currently: May … okay, June”

  1. Misti says:

    Have you started Orange Is The New Black yet? New season starts tomorrow! 🙂

    Good luck with growing your plants! 🙂

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