Scenes from our life

Scenes from our life

I’ve been taking lots and lots of pictures of our time here, but few are shared. Until now. 
First, I thought I’d share the wild in our life:
We have not seen an alive bear. But, a few weeks ago, a motorcyclist hit a bear 1/4 mile away from us. Fortunately, the motorcyclist walked away without a scratch. The bear didn’t fare so well. And now J can add to his resume cleaning up a dead bear. 
Knowing there was bear activity in the area, RR’s owners felt better putting out a bear trap. We weren’t so keen on that, but thankfully, no other bear showed up.
Instead, this guy showed up … 

That’s right, a bobcat right on our property and under our stage. J just about pooped his pants when it walked by him … 

Now onto some more tame sightings. We have some A-MAZING hummingbirds here. I’ve always wanted to hummingbird feeder and now I know why. I haven’t been able to capture the greatest pictures, plus, it just doesn’t do it justice without their “chatter” from their flapping wings. 

Speaking of the sounds of birds, we have a few night hawks that come just about at dusk. They make this growling noise as they nose dive into the canyon and for awhile, our chef was convinced it was the bear! No video on that yet …

And now we move onto random pictures …

I am happy to report, I stopped being so OCD with our hand towels. 

Our hammock is a good place to grab 10 minutes of solitude and rest.
My garden hath groweth since I planted in May. 
Sometimes home is where you park it. This is our RV home for the season. Notice our “gear room.”

A reminder that we are in the middle of nowhere. 
We hosted successfully hosted our first wedding here at RR Independence Day weekend. 

And since we are on the topic of pictures, anyone on Instagram? I am (patricejustin). Send me your “handle.” 

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  1. Misti says:

    Looks quite adventurous! Yeah, I would hate to put a bear trap up too—who do you call to relocate? Local wildlife officials?

    Cool bobcat!

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