Currently: October

Currently: October

Current mood:  Excited! Anxious! Overwhelmed! NZ trip planning brings out a range of emotions! 
Currently thankful for:  Carving out some quality time with J’s side of the family here in CO. We have 2 young nephews on this side of the family and they are growing fast! 

Currently worried about:  Well, besides the fact that we leave for NZ in a month (!) and have a gagillion things to do before then, there are many non-NZ items on our to-do list. We have to prep a mock class for Leave No Trace – did I mention J & I are becoming Leave No Trace Master Educators before we leave? Which is awesome, but we also have to do a little prep before the class and time is running out! We are also getting work done on our money pit of a house in Danville, which is always fun. I still have a few freelancing writing projects to wrap up before we leave. I won’t bore you with the rest of the list, but any one of these things contributes to my insomnia. 
Currently excited about:  Um, what do you think?
Currently not excited about:  Logistics planning for NZ. Planning for the Te Araroa is a whole different beast of a to do list compared with planning for our Appalachian Trail hike (think Visas, conversions, international surcharges, mail drops that can’t be mailed until we get to NZ, etc, etc). We’ve (I’ve) been doing as much research and planning as I could all summer long, but things are really ramping up. To quote the movie Bad Boys, “This sh&$%@ just got real!”
 We love our dehydrated meals … now hopefully they won’t take them away at customs!
Currently regretting:  The fact that we are abandoning our families for all the upcoming holidays. We’ve been apart from family for the holidays many times before, but this feels different. Although they are used to us “disappearing,” we hope they know we will miss them and think of them often while hiking!  
Currently proud of:  Working with my old high school bud, Christy, on our “Wandering La Vignes” website. Not only do I love the fact that Christy and I are “forced” to talk more regularly, I could never have done this without her expertise! coming soon!! 
Currently reading: Children’s books to Everett when he is on the potty
Current guilty pleasure:  Eating and Drinking. We’ve been eating out and hitting bars here in Colorado far more than we had all summer long and our wallets and bellies feel it. But, I have a feeling this sets the scene for the next 6 months of our life abroad as well. I guess we need the extra calories right now in prep for the long trek! 
PS – why is my drink the biggest??? Piggie.

Currently watching on Netflix: Nada. But, we are taking a little getaway this week to our favorite Colorado cabin and may have to watch a scary movie or two in honor of Halloween

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  1. Jamie L says:

    Great post! It's been a blast having you both here in your second home 🙂

  2. Shayna says:

    Looks like you're having tons of fun, as usual!

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