Bye Bye Colorado

Bye Bye Colorado

Greetings from San Francisco! We are just hours away from our flight to New Zealand–eeek!! We got to see Seth Meyers live last night as a special treat and he did not disappoint in the laugh factor. He wished us well on our journey and gave us both kisses and hugs. Okay that last part only happened in my dreams last night.

In any case, we said goodbye on Friday to our “home” base in Colorado and all of J’s family. We enjoyed spending our fall in golden Colorado and the best way to describe our time is in numbers and pictures. 

Saw 4 sets of friends, including 2 newborn babies
Saw only 1 concert (to J’s dismay)
Spent 100s number of hours with nephews
Ate 20 family meals together 
Spent 8 days at our favorite mountain cabin
Went to 3 programs at REI, including 1 garage sale
Spent $84 at the REI garage sale (because we ALWAYS need MORE gear)
Went to 1 program at Whole Foods
Ate out 12 times 
Went to our favorite highest saloon in America 2 times
Watched 2 pets, which inevitably means we picked up poop far more times than we wanted to
Took our 2-year-old nephew Everett to the park 4 times
Got peed on by 3-month-old nephew Owen 2 times
Watched 10 films on Netflix
Watched 3 episodes of X-Files (Season 3)

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