Currently: November

Currently: November

Current mood:  a bit frantic, but I believe we got everything done on our to do list. All systems are checked, the bags are finally packed (see pix below – all of that fit in 2 backpacks!) and we are on a flight to San Francisco today and a flight to Auckland, NZ Saturday! Ready or not, here we come! 
Currently thankful for:  My oldest nephew being okay after having an unexplained seizure this week! He and my sister’s family could use some good vibes though as they figure out what’s going on. 
Currently worried about:  Our house in Danville … our tenants just told us they are moving out in January … we thought being a landlord and worrying about an empty house from across the country was hard, but what about across the globe??
Currently excited about:  Seth Meyers! Since we are staying overnight in San Francisco before flying out to Auckland, J checked out the concert schedule (of course) and saw that Seth Meyers was performing stand up. I have a serious crush on him, so my loving and non-jealous husband bought us tickets to see him! 
Currently not excited about:  the infamous mud that we will experience within the first 200 miles of the Te Araroa trail!
Currently regretting:  not reading more books about New Zealand
Currently proud of:  Donating my hair once again to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. In May 2011 before the AT, I donated 20 inches. This time wasn’t as much or dramatic (9 inches), but it’s something. J also got his haircut and wanted to donate his, but they don’t take grey hair. 
Currently reading: I finally finished a book I was trying to read all summer: The Martian by Andy Weir. This is this guy’s first book, but it was stellar. My dad recommended it to J & I and both loved it. 
Also, J & I “read” 2 books on CD during this road trip. “Crazy for the Storm” by Norm Olstead and “Bossypants” by Tina Fey (Bossypants was excellent and LOL funny!!)
Current guilty pleasure:  Flying to NZ!

Currently watching on Netflix: Earlier in the month, we watched a few good horror flicks. One good one about a serial killer in Alaska (true story) was “The Frozen Ground.”

4 responses to “Currently: November”

  1. Fire Marshall says:

    Good luck, wish I was on this adventure with you!

  2. Shayna says:

    OK, just seeing your packing list stresses me out! Have a safe flight to the other end of the globe. I hope everything goes OK with Ryan!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Tammy's mad because she didn't get to cut your hair!

  4. Kendrick says:

    New Zealand is so exciting. I've been wanting to go there for years. Granted, some of my interest was piqued by The Lord of The Rings movies being filmed there. I was also interested to see that you read and enjoyed The Martian. My mom is reading that right now and recommended it to me too, so now I will have to try it.

    Kendrick @ RPM Long Beach

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