Day 18: ZERO Day

Day 18: ZERO Day

So, we are on an unplanned zero day. No one is hurt or sick. But remember that wet weather I mentioned? Last night, it got epic. Heavy downpours and gale winds. If you google New Zealand news, the wet weather is a top headline. Didn’t seem like a good day to hike, as the weather was expected to continue through the whole day.

We remained at the Waipu Wanderers Hostel and so grateful to Steve and Elaine for allowing us to hunker down. We joined them for Sunday Anglican services (which was very similar to the Catholic services we know), then did a “work for stay.” We cleaned the hostel just like we would have done at Bears Den or RimRock.

Now we are about to watch an 80s movie and snuggle on the couch with some hot tea (FYI, we are becoming quite the tea drinkers here)!

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  1. Fire marshall says:

    What?! A zero day already!! It took months for you to finally take a break on the AT.

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