Day 25 (Zero Day) and Northland Stats

Day 25 (Zero Day) and Northland Stats

Today (Sunday), we took a planned zero day in Auckland. Besides our regular town chores (blog, laundry, resupply, phone calls), we also treated ourselves to American football and American pizza!

Since today is Sunday in NZ and Saturday in US and the American football schedule has Saturday night football, we lucked out. So we tracked down a place that was showing the games. And it just happened to be Sal’s Authentic New York Pizza!! Thus we enjoyed our $30 (!!!!) pie with football to boot.

Sometime this past week, we completed the “Northland” section of the trail. Of course I have some Northland stats for you!

500K / 300 Miles
Rough Breakdown of Ks/Ms
178K/106.3M of road walking
139K/83.4M of beach walking
120K/72M of forest (jungle) walking
30K/18M of farm walking
14K/8.4M of river/estuary “walking”
13K/7.8M of boat rides
6K/3.6M of gravel path walking
21 days
1 (semi-forced) zero day
16 nights in a tent
5 nights in a bed
7 showers
6 falls for P (this means I was on my butt)
1 lost toenail (P)
7 holes dug for “business” for J
7 holes dug for “business” for P
3 servings of fish and chips
1 meat pie
5 hitches
Favorite Section: toss up between Mangawhai Cliffs and city park through KeriKeri
Least Favorite Section: the unmarked sections that make us scratch our heads … Oh wait, that’s been almost everyday. Okay, if we have to pick – Raetea Forest
Best Breakfast: Top of the Dome Cafe after the Dome Forest
Best Lunch: Vinny D’s Fish & Chips in Pahia
Best Dinner: The Pizza Barn in Waipu

Just in case we can’t check in before the holidays, Merry Christmas to all AND Happy Boxing Day!!

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  1. Fred says:

    You mean that you've not had a sausage roll yet?

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