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Archive for January, 2015

Days 55-65: 340K From Whanganui to Wellington

Hello from Windy Welly! Wellington is NZ’s capitol and at the very bottom of the North Island, which means we have finished the North Island and have trekked 1686 kilometers, more »

Days 45-54: 322K From Taumarunui to Whanganui

Hello from Whanganui! We left Taumarunui last Saturday and have come 322K, or 207 miles, to kilometer 1370 on the trail. It has been a long time without service, so more »

Days 39-44: 158K From Waitomo To Taumarunui

Hello from Taumarunui! We have traveled 158K, or 101 miles, from Waitomo to Taumarunui. We have completed one third of the trail! Here are the themes for these past 5 more »

Day 38: Zero Day and Playing Tourists Again

We are still in Waitomo (btw pronounced Why-Toe-Mo meaning water hole). Yesterday we did our tour of the glowworm caves, but we wanted more. And, we wanted to see them more »

Days 33-37: 100K From Hamilton to Waitomo Caves

Hello from Waitomo Caves! We have traveled just 100 kilometers, or 60 miles, from Hamilton. It was about 60K of roads, 45K of forest and the rest was mixed farmland more »