Day 111: Zero Day in Queenstown

Day 111: Zero Day in Queenstown

We thoroughly enjoyed our zero day in Queenstown and will be hitting the trail Wednesday for the last 325 kilometers (roughly 200 miles) left of the trail! Holy cow!! The home stretch is real!

We mostly took care of town tasks and relaxed around the awesome hostel (Adventure Queenstown). It was pretty chilly out and it was nice to be indoors for a change! 

But never too chilly for ice cream.

We made several FaceTime calls, resupplied and watched a few movies with other hostel guests, including “What We Do In The Shadows,” which is a New Zealand movie about vampires and was freaking hilarious.

The other important task, as usual, is eating. But we took it to the next level this time. We ate burgers from what CNN recently labeled as “the best burger in the world.” Enter Fergburger.

We heard about Fergburger and how we had to eat there the day we landed in Auckland back in November. So it has been on our minds for 4 months!!!

It certainly lived up to its rep, and that’s not just hiker hunger talking! We are there twice just to make sure.

Last, but not least, we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with about 25 other Te Araroa hikers. There was an informal gathering organized at Pog Mahones Irish Bar and hikers came in from all points of the trail–some were done, some were still further up north and some (like us) got to Queenstown right on time! It was great to meet so many others and celebrate our accomplishments together.

And now, we hike on…almost there!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Can't believe you're almost done already! We have thoroughly enjoyed following your blog! Your take on the toilet paper flushing sign from the last post was friggin hilarious! Are you going to check out Australia before you make it back to the states? Btw, Nicki and I did a few nice day hikes in Sedona, AZ a couple weeks ago. I told her yall would be proud of us!
    Oh, if you run into Fern Toe again, tell her I said hello 😉

  2. You're almost there. Glad you're enjoying it and doing well.


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