Currently: April

Currently: April

Current mood:  missing New Zealand. Seriously, it is SO disappointing to be “back to life, back to reality.” It doesn’t help that everyday I do a little organizing/labeling/editing of our 1,000+ pictures and am instantly transported back to some point during our 5-month adventure. I find myself day dreaming and night dreaming of New Zealand. 

Currently thankful for:  hot showers with good water pressure and fast, unlimited Internet… seems so simple, but these are the things we missed the most while in New Zealand.
Currently confused by: my husband’s new look. I’m not sure I miss his massive beard, but having no facial hair is quite a change. He looks like he did in high school!! 

Currently spending time with: J’s family in Denver. Both of his sisters and his mom now live here … and his dad is coming to visit this weekend. So we’ve hit a good chunk of his family. We’ve had a lot of nephew time, of course. We went out for Sushi with Jamie and Rachel to try to thank them for collecting our mail for the past 5 months (and more, really). And, we are up to 3 Scrabble games with J’s mom. I am merely part of the Scrabble game because 3 players are better than 2. I think I win Scrabble every Leap Year or so. 

Even 2 1/2 year old Everett was in agreement that J’s beard needed a little grooming.

Don’t worry East Coast family and friends, we will make our way there soon!
Currently not excited about:  Doing taxes, paying bills, getting repairs done to our car … you know, all the things everyone else had to worry about the last 5 months when we were off delaying real life.
Currently excited about:  our unknown future. I know everyone wants to know “what’s next?” We are literally taking it one day at a time right now and are entertaining a lot of different options. What we do know is we are starting work on the unfinished apartments in the house we own in VA to keep our rental property going and we are very excited about that. 
Currently worried about:  our unknown future. I can guarantee you our parents are more worried than we are, but thankfully they are getting used to our drifter life by now. We do love having a blank slate because the possibilities are endless! 
Currently proud of:  walking the entire length of New Zealand

Currently sad about: the disaster in Nepal and on Everest. As we were hiking in NZ, we decided Nepal was very high on our bucket list, especially after Jamie and Rachel, as well as Kevin, our NZ hiking partner, just returned from there raving about it. We will still go there, but our hearts are just so heavy for its devastated community.
Currently watching on Netflix: We get most of our movie recommendations from my dad, who watches about 3 horror flicks per day (no joke). We didn’t have Netflix in NZ, so our list piled up. We are slowly making our way through the list. It will most likely take our whole life. 

Current guilty pleasure:  Whittaker’s chocolate that we brought home as souvenirs for everyone

2 responses to “Currently: April”

  1. Shayna says:

    Hmm, I think J's facial hair after 5 months would beat out R's hair after about 5 years. He's trying to grow a beard now, and it's taking forever!

    When are you bringing us the chocolate?

  2. Patricia Stevens says:

    Welcome Home Patrice & Justin!
    Aunt Pat & Uncle Ron Stevens

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