Currently: May

Currently: May

Currently spending time with/where:  I added this “currently” label because we bounce around so much! This past week/weekend, I took a break from Danville and spent time in dirty Jersey visiting family and friends (won’t hit everyone this time around … next time!). I mostly have been having some summer fun with the niece & nephew (almost 10 and almost 13 – holy cow!). Meanwhile, J had been holding down the fort in Danville, spending a lot of time with his bromance, Van, and will be in Jersey/CT this weekend. 

  selfie with my almost teenage nephew
 almost 10-year-old niece takes after me loving thrills
I have been friends with these gals for more than 20 years!!
 Don’t these 2 make a cute couple …

Current mood:  at peace with all the chaos from the last few weeks
Currently thankful for: my parents who are spoiling me rotten while in Jersey. After not seeing them for a long time, they owed me. Oh wait, I am the one who hasn’t been back to Jersey since March 2014!
Currently regretting: starting to make a photo book on our New Zealand trip … I know the end result will be worth it, but man these things are laborious! I totally enjoy old-school scrapbooking so much more than this online stuff … 
Currently excited about: J’s successful ebay sales that have helped us purge and made some $$!!!!!! He is a rockstar!
Currently not excited about: East coast traffic
Currently worried about: a mole on my back that I need to get checked out
Currently proud of: Blogging! I’m not referring to this beloved blog … I’ve been blogging on almost all of our sponsors’ sites. The subject matter: New Zealand, of course. Even though writing several original posts about the same subject matter really depleted my creative juices, I totally enjoyed it. Only one has been posted (Big Agnes) so far, but I’ll share the others when they come through. 
Currently reading: Nada. I need a good, easy read. Any suggestions from my voracious reader friends? Jen? 

Current guilty pleasure: for J, it has been a few concerts. He had gone a whole 6 months without concerts while in NZ and he has a lot of making up to do! For me, I guess you can say yoga classes … oh, and I finally got a long-overdue pedicure with my friend Donna. 

Currently watching on Netflix: My parents have cable TV and every premium channel you can get, so I can easily get my fix of mindless watching whenever I want. My parents have a very set TV-watching schedule. The morning includes the news, Price Is Right, Let’s Make a Deal and the news again. The afternoon, my dad watches Netflix on his computer and my mom watches court TV. Riveting, wouldn’t you agree? 

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