New Jersey

New Jersey

We are back in Danville and I must say, we had a great time in Jersey. It was jam-packed, as usual, but we got to see a bunch of folks.

I previously mentioned that our last visit to Jersey was March 2014, so this was a long time to stay away. All of my family lives in the tri-state area, a few in J’s family and most of our high school friends. As we continue to live our nomadic life, we try to make family and friend visits a high priority, especially now that no one can come visit us, unless they want to camp! Also, with kids in the picture (not ours, of course), it quickly becomes evident how much time has passed.

Case in point, our nephew (almost 13) and niece (almost 10) on my side. We’ve done FaceTime calls with them, but man have they grown up since we last saw them. I was under the wrong impression that they would slow down as they grew up. There was no slowing down. Instead, there was hiking, biking, pogo sticking, planting a garden, Just Dance video game, board games, ice cream excursions and more. Separately, J took Ryan fishing (or rather, Ryan took J fishing), while I enjoyed watching Sarah at her School Spirit Day. J’s all-time favorite line when around kids: “is it nap time yet??” Touche.

 I also got to relive one of my favorite memories as a child … dance recitals. I took ballet, jazz and gymnastics all through my adolescence and loved it. Sarah took lyrical dance this year and I was able to attend her first recital.

Besides QT with the niece and nephew, our trip was timed perfectly to celebrate our other goddaughter’s 3rd birthday in person.

Last, but certainly not least, J’s dream as uncle is to take everyone to their first concert, or at least their first From Good Homes concert. Lily is one of his proteges (explanation: J has 2 friends who had children on his birthday. Seriously. Oct. 6 is a very popular birthday.) As protege protocol goes, he is happy to report she thoroughly enjoyed.

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  1. Misti says:

    J's favorite line when around kids: "is it nap time yet??….ah yes, the downside of having kids in your 30s! You want a nap but baby doesn't…oh the fun in that. 😉

    Looks like NJ is a blast so far for y'all!

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