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Scenes From Chesuncook – Week 7

J & I used to always say, “someday, we will live off the grid.” Not because we wanted to prep for doomsday or a zombie apocalypse, but simply because we more »

Currently: August

Currently living/working in: Maine. And not just Maine, but the North Maine woods off the grid, running a small lodge.  view of Lake House from kayak Current mood: dreamy …  thoughts of more »

Human-Powered Shuttles

Nearly every person we meet in the North Maine Woods spews off something along these lines: “You don’t have a spare tire??” No, we don’t.  First of all, we had more »

Currently: Birthday Edition at 37

I turn 37 on Friday and thought it would be fun to pay respects to my 36th year! Home: I (we) called 6 places “home” this year. We started in more »

Te Araroa Gear Review

Today we are coming to you with a review of the gear we used on Te Araroa in New Zealand. We realize it’s been 4 months since our trek ended, more »

Scenes From Chesuncook – Week 2

Hope you enjoyed our first batch of pictures, because I have a second batch! Our life is still full of peace and quiet, but we’ve had more guest activity lately, more »