Scenes From Chesuncook – Week 2

Scenes From Chesuncook – Week 2

Hope you enjoyed our first batch of pictures, because I have a second batch!

Our life is still full of peace and quiet, but we’ve had more guest activity lately, which, of course, is good. However, our moose count is still higher than our guest count.

Moose number 5, 6 and 7 reporting for duty:

In other wildlife news, the baby robins are growing fast and ready to fly any day now!

We haven’t been able to get out on our bikes again since a piece broke off on J’s valve. Considering our lack of a mail system, it may be the end of the season before he can fix it. But, we did a quick overnighter to east side of Gero Island in Chesuncook Lake. The lake has a lot of mood swings. We see a lot of white caps. Our return trip from the island was a white cap kind of day. 

heading out into the white caps!

The lake is very entertaining to watch. Within a minute, the current can change from east to west, and within the next minute, it can’t decide, so it is colliding and swirling. We find it is at its calmest in the early morning and late at night, unless a storm blows in, which happens often.

 This full arch rainbow was the result of one such spectacular storm the other day. 

I think one of the pros of this lifestyle is that we get to experience all of these new places not just as tourists, but as temporary locals. We have been getting to know the Chesuncook villagers little by little, but most villagers really only stay through August.

I’ll leave you with a picture of the full moon over Katahdin the other night. Until next week …

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How do you like them Mooses! Glad you are finally getting to see moose – it's long overdue.

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