Currently: August

Currently: August

Currently living/working in: Maine. And not just Maine, but the North Maine woods off the grid, running a small lodge. 
view of Lake House from kayak

Current mood: dreamy …  thoughts of future adventures are burning in my imagination
Currently thankful for: a job in order to plan for our next adventure!
Currently proud of: 2 things 
1) J learning to use iMovie. We’ve been wanting to make better videos for a long time. I blog and I Instagram. Frankly, I didn’t want one more thing to master.  Check out our YouTube channel Wandering La Vignes to see some of our new work.
2) My online article published by Backpacker!
Currently excited about: new schwag/products from our gear sponsors and new gear to test from Backpacker … it never gets old 
Currently not excited: the return of J’s constant sneezing. I might have mentioned once, or 17 times, on this blog that J is the loudest sneezer ever, something he learned in utero I believe. In any case, loud sneezing happens to be a pet peeve of mine. J seems to develop new allergies every place we move. So last summer, he had them bad as we lived in a field of wildflowers. Then, they returned as we “wintered” walking through New Zealand’s summer. And now, here in Maine, he seems to possibly have new ones with all the sneezing he is doing. This makes for a full year of loud sneezing. What gives??? 

Currently worried about: flat tires, running out of Internet bandwidth this month and an unreliable mail system (we mailed 4 pieces of mail Aug. 5; no one has received them yet)
Currently amazed by: Chesuncook Lake. Seriously, watching this lake change its current is so entertaining. 
Current confession: I am really missing the ability to pick up my phone and talk to my mom and sister! 
Currently reading: Oh so many books!!! We are voracious readers this summer. J & I plan to do a book report at some point. The village church has a nicely stocked library, so we are making our way through their selection. 
Current guilty pleasure: fresh baked cookies and leftover desserts that we make for our guests. 
Currently watching on Netflix: Nada thanks to limited bandwidth. We have resorted to our binder full of DVDs for movie watching. And with it being my birthday last week, I got to pick all the titles. So we watched a lot of chick flicks! 

2 responses to “Currently: August”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Congrats on your article – the first of many!

  2. Misti says:

    Hey, hey, hey! Great job with the BP article! Next step, a multi page spread in the magazine??? 😉

    Also, where is #10??

    Good to hear from you! 🙂

    I was going to suggest that I mail back your Long Trail book in case you wanted it but if mail sucks, maybe I'll keep it until you are somewhere better.

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