Interim Visits

Interim Visits

We start our new (secret) caretaking gig on Monday, so we’ve been bouncing all over the place these last few weeks since we left Maine. J even took a quick trip out to Colorado to see family while I helped my sister out in CT after she had a minor surgery with a major recovery. 
“Visits” is a euphemism for “we are homeless and need a place to crash.” But, even birds need a nest and our friends and family are always happy to host us. 
Our hiking friends, Fern Toe/Erin and Thor/Paul, are turning a 1998 school bus into a tiny home (250 ft) on wheels! And, they are doing ALL THE CONSTRUCTION THEMSELVES. 
We decided we had to go see them and their skoolie in Vermont. We thought for a millisecond maybe we could lend a hand. Then they started spewing off words we never heard of (like furring strips) and we realized we would be more of a hindrance than a help.  

So much more progress has been made since we visited, so if you want to follow along, check out Fernie’s blog.

We also visited our kindred spirits Gr8ful/Kristen and Second Nature/Paul in New Hampshire. They are folks who gifted us our beloved bean game, and visits with them offer a rare chance to play against more than each other! 

As for family, we spent a lot of time with the nephews and niece. After all this kid time, as J would say, “is it nap time yet?”

And now, we are off to try to grocery shop for 2 months worth of supplies. Challenge accepted. 

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  1. I can't imagine how much peanut butter I'd need for a two month supply.

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