Island Life – Part 2

Island Life – Part 2

All the islanders are gone. Well, 1-2 will come back here and there, but for the most part, we are alone (aside from the hawks, herons and owls who haven’t migrated). 

The outhauls and dinghies are almost all pulled. The sumac and maple trees have turned their brilliant shades of color and are loosing more and more leaves every day. The crab apples are still falling and we are enjoying the plethora of concord grapes that have ripened, but the last of the raspberries have dwindled. Aside from a few hearty winter plants, the gardens are mulched with seaweed. 

Fall is here on this quiet island. We are 3 weeks into our gig and have 6 weeks left and still love it. 
Many people were concerned about our claim to have enough food to last us through November 27. One person looked in our pantry and said, “That’s what you have? You’re screwed. I would eat that in 2 weeks.” We still feel like we would have survived on our provisions (replace “survive” with “thrive” so I don’t sound so desperate), but a lot of the islanders gifted us with leftover foods that won’t make it through the winter and we are grateful for the treats. 
Anyone who knows us knows we waste nothing. So 6 half-eaten bags of chips were welcomed into our pantry and 2 half-full cartons of milk into our fridge. 
Actually, it was kind of like an early Christmas accepting all the donations. It was a whole bunch of random goodness–asparagus, maraschino cherries, cream cheese, jelly, mandarin oranges, a pepper plant … For example, someone brought us a half of bottle of maple syrup. Maple syrup was not on our original shopping list because I don’t like it on my pancakes (J does) and couldn’t justify needing it for enough recipes. Now we have it! 
Also on the donation list: beer and chocolate. 
We definitely skimped on the beer supplies for J upon coming out here, figuring it was a luxury item, not a necessity (said no one ever). To be precise, J brought a 6 pack of beers, which would work out to 1 per week (football Sunday). Clearly not enough for the normal person. Thank God for islanders. The 12+ beers they left us should more than compensate. 
As for the chocolate, my stomach cheered loudly when one woman gifted us a box of brownie mix and another gifted us a few chocolate bars. My thighs, on the other hand, sighed. 
And so, our island adventure continues! Like the snakes we see everyday, we serpentine the empty houses, making sure they are good and secure. Civilization exists, but it twinkles from across the ocean.

2 responses to “Island Life – Part 2”

  1. Misti says:

    Love the photos! wow, what an adventure and gig!

  2. Mary says:

    It would be hard to figure out how much you would eat for that length of time. I'd probably bring too much.

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