9 Years

9 Years

We celebrate 9 years of marriage today. And when I say celebrate, I mean it is like any other day because, well, we are on an island with no restaurants or other services. Not that we would do anything different if we weren’t on the island … but I digress.

Recently, Backpacker Magazine wrote an article about how couples survive on trails and they featured us. One of the things we stressed in our interview is that marriage is not 50-50 on the trail or in life. Because some days, one partner is going to have to give 90%. But, that’s okay because other days, the other partner will give the 90%. Marriage is about reading each other and knowing when to give and take.

See, one of us is giving 90%, the other 10%.

And in the spirit of celebrating us, and backpacking, I give you a backpacking photo from each of our 9 years of marriage.

2007 – Havasupai Canyon in Arizona (this is the same area where Justin proposed in 2005!)
2008 – Acadia National Park in Maine
2009 – Baxter State Park in Maine
2010 – Northern Terminus of Long Trail in Canada
2011 – Big Bald (TN) on our Appalachian Trail SOBO Thru Hike
2012 – Our first ski-to-hut trip in CO
2013 – Highest Point in the Lower 48 – Mount Whitney, California
2014 – Leave No Trace Master Educator Course – Grand Canyon, Arizona
2015 – And of course, Te Araroa Thru Hike in New Zealand 
(photo courtesy of Kevin Gallagher)

Our backpacking adventures will never stop. And when we are not backpacking, we are talking about backpacking …

Which leads us to our next crazy adventure. Hitting the road Dec. 1, and maybe coming to a city near you, we will are launching our speaking tour on New Zealand’s Te Araroa – The Long Pathway!!!! Details coming very soon …

2 responses to “9 Years”

  1. Anonymous says:

    First of all – Congratulations!

    Secondly – I took photos at Grandfather, Acadia, and Big Bald. OK, I met up with you the day after Big Bald, but still I feel connected in this theme. Nice!

    Wishing you two many more happy years together!

  2. Misti says:

    If you want to speak down here you've got a place to crash if you need to!

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