Westbound With A Purpose

Westbound With A Purpose

In this past week, we went from the serene quiet of the island to the organized chaos of life on the road.

We are officially on our Te Araroa Speaking Tour, making 8 stops at REI stores across the country between now and Jan. 13. We started in East Hanover, NJ, with an audience of 28 people. Starting in NJ was perfect; we both grew up there and still have family & friends, so we were happy to see so many familiar faces in the audience!



As usual, we have been squeezing in visits with friends and family along the way, starting in CT and NJ.



 We even timed our drive-through of NJ with J’s 20-year Seton Hall Prep school reunion. However, of the 180 graduates from the Class of 1995, less than 25 attended the reunion! J continues to complain about this fact. In his words, “why did I spend $65/person to see the same schmucks I can see for free at their houses??” My cheap husband will be unhappy to know we will be attending my 20-year reunion next year!!
Up next: presentation tonight at the REI Columbus (Easton) store, then a weekend of fun with our Ohio friends.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks like Justin figured out the Tetris puzzle in Big Bird again!

  2. You two are the perfect couple to speak about the Te Araroa. Sounds like a blast!

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