Back On Tour

Back On Tour

Try to contain your excitement … our 8-stop New Zealand Te Araroa speaking tour is picking back up! We only have 3 stops left and they are here in Colorado (for now … future continuation of speaking tour is a possibility). These last 3 stops are pretty significant. The registrations show that 280+ people have signed up for the 3 events. Holy cannoli!!!!  To be fair, we do know A LOT of people in Colorado, so that helps. Plus, the gear giveaways are going to be out of this world! Even though the holidays are behind us, J & I are still in the gift-giving mood … and we are saving the best prizes for last. We actually wish we were in the audience!!!! 
For example, one lucky winner goes home with a GSI Microdualist cooking pot at every event! (Photo Credit: Kristen)

Tuesday, January 5 – 6:30pm – Colorado Springs REI
Wednesday, January 6 – 6:30pm – Boulder REI
Wednesday, January 13 – 6:30pm – Denver REI 

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  1. Mary says:

    My Coworker and I will be there!

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