Currently: January

Currently: January

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Currently living/working in: “Unjobbing” in Colorado!! Unjobbing is a term I recently discovered that is apparently used by A LOT of people. It was first coined in a self-published book by Michael Fogler in 1996. It perfectly describes us: living the life we want without major, full-time employment, yet still making ends meet. 
We are no longer at the cabin, but I thought this was a good shot of “unjobbing.”

Current mood: Well, I haven’t had insomnia in 9 days, so I must be calm and content.  

Currently excited about: The future. It is unknown right now, but we always have a few irons in the fire!!!

Currently not excited about: Tax season. 
Currently worried about: Money. We always make sure we make enough money during the summers to sustain us through the winter, which is typically our “non-working” period. It’s no different this year, it’s just that it feels like we are putting out a lot more than usual with bigger items, such as our Wilderness First Responder class, Denali costs and other undisclosed plans!!! 
Currently thankful for: Friends and family. This is probably my answer all the time. But it is so nice to have so many people to visit all around the country, and especially here in Colorado. I haven’t been the best at taking pictures at every meet up, but here are a few. 

Currently proud of: The functioning of my lungs and body at elevation. Anyone who knows me knows I struggle physically at higher elevations. But, I purposely tried to acclimatize this week at the cabin in preparation for our hut trip. Granted we only went up to 11,500 feet, but this is still a feat for me. 
Currently regretting: I love our nomad life, I do. But man, having 3 storage units in 3 parts of the country SUCKS. 
Currently amazed by: Justin’s love for yoga. After years of begging him to join me, he is sold. 
Current confession: We are letting go of a very bad caretaking experience we had in 2015. This has taken some time and J & I are still very disappointed about the outcome (we are owed money!!!), but we have finally learned to let go in 2016. 
Current guilty pleasure: In keeping with the money-spending theme, we are trying not to go hog wild while in Colorado, but we have a lot of friends and family here. This=a lot of socializing=going out! Also, as much as we don’t like cities, there’s always a lot to do in Denver (i.e., concerts for J). So we try to pick and choose. For example, we have gone to the Banff Mountain Film Festival every year since 2009, but missed it last year since we were in NZ. So we decided to SPLURGE and buy tickets for ALL THREE NIGHTS here in Denver next month. Oops. 
Trivia Question (no prize): Who is this guy we are posing with? Hint: He has something to do with the Appalachian Trail.
Trivia #2 (no prize): What play did I go see with Jamie? 

Currently reading: Just finished “Blind Corners” by Jeff Tabin. J had read it and rated it a “9” in our book review post, but I did not love it as much. I would only give it a 6! J just finished Ed Viesters’ “No Shortcuts to the Top” and loved it. 
Currently watching on Netflix: Our time at the cabin included a lot of movies. We were going back and forth between my dad’s horror movie recommendations, some mountaineering movies and the Netflix series “House of Cards.” People have made so many suggestions for series we should watch, one of them being House of Cards. We finished the first season, but can’t say it’s a keeper for us. It was good, but the politics mumbo jumbo goes right over our heads.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Trivia 1 – Scott Jurek!
    Trivia 2 – Dirty Dancing!
    Where's my prize??

  2. Mary says:

    Darn, there's just upsides and downsides to everything. I really want to unjob, but then I just did my taxes and realized I'm getting enough back to buy a new laptop! (Those things should last more than 7 years, but mine is limping along and for a writer, that just won't do).

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