Hasta Luego, Colorado

Hasta Luego, Colorado

When we arrived in Denver on Dec. 10, we didn’t really know how long we’d stay. We knew we were getting our Wilderness First Responder cert and J would be getting his AIARE Level 1 (Avalanche) cert. We knew we’d be spending the holidays. We knew we had to tend to some affairs, including switching our “permanent” residency from Virginia to Colorado. We knew we wanted to put some winter adventures in the books. And we knew there’d be a lot of family time, since J’s mom and 2 sisters (and partners and nephews) now all live in Denver.

Well, we ended up staying for 3.5 months. (For the record, 3.5 months is a LONG time according to the Wandering La Vignes.)

In between all the winter adventures, pet-sitting, yoga, concerts (only 4 much to J’s dismay) and Scrabble games, much of our time was dedicated to our 2 nephews (E & O). Just so you know, we are awesome babysitters.

E loves “This Old House” and it’s a good “I don’t want to nap” activity while his little brother is for real napping. 

Their energy is palpable, wouldn’t you say? That about sums up our 3.5 months. 

But, just so the rest of J’s family does not feel left out (they enjoy their blog cameos), here are a few pics from our non-kid gatherings!

 Cabin time is cherished by all. 
 These cats (separate owners) do NOT like each other. 
Our “roommate” was really, really awesome. 

3 responses to “Hasta Luego, Colorado”

  1. Misti says:

    Onward! Looking forward to your next adventures!

  2. Mary says:

    I was just thinking that I did all of my nomadic travels before the Internet. I bet it's a lot easier now. I had a calling card but no real address…I remember getting mail was such a big deal.

  3. plavigne says:

    Mary, I can't imagine pre-Internet vagabond life. Getting mail is STILL a big deal to us … if it can find us!

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