We took our new-to-us Roadtrek on its first 4,000-mile test trip from Colorado to the East Coast (specifically Virginia and New Jersey) and back to Colorado. 
You know, just a little spin around America.
We had a few purposes, mainly to visit our family, friends and Virginia storage unit. 
But we also wanted to see how things were running and how easy the living was. 
At least 5 times a day during our drive, we’d be asking each other, “What’s that sound? What’s that smell?” (Actually, the latter is a very common question in our life. And usually the answer is: that smell is Justin. But I digress.)
When we pulled into our trusted mechanic’s lot, we had a list of 15 items for him to check. 
“For a 95, this is the cleanest engine I’ve ever seen,” he said. We beamed with pride about our good purchase. 
Thankfully, we only need 4 tires and front brakes. 
But everything else about the RV is a little trial and error. We literally bought the vehicle, threw a bunch of stuff in it we thought we’d need, and hit the road. We learn as we go, that’s just how we roll. But, if there is a Roadtrek class out there, somebody please inform us. Who knew a fridge could be so complicated? 
J spent a lot of time working on the interior while we visiting my parents’ house in New Jersey (pictures coming soon). He just dusted off the ancient tools in my dad’s workshop, then promptly called the neighbor to borrow some 21st century versions. 
Overall, we love our new home and the road trip was really pretty awesome, albeit quick. We saw tons of family and friends (not everyone—sorry!!). My sister and her kids even came down from Connecticut to New Jersey for a weekend rendezvous at my parents’ tiny house. I often wonder how my family of 4 shared a 1-bath house growing up. But this past weekend, we proved its feasibility when 7 of us somehow crammed in there without giving my dad a heart attack. 

One thing is for sure, everyone LOVED the van (name still TBD … great suggestions so far, but keep them coming!). 

2 responses to “Eastbound-Westbound”

  1. Jamie L says:

    Where is the picture with uncle Pete!? Your niece looks just like you, Patrice! Looking forward to seeing you in Colorado real soon!

  2. I can't wait to see your new home! We need to plan a trip together.

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