Florida: The Sunshine State

Florida: The Sunshine State

Justin & I both read 1.5 books this past weekend.
It was the kind of relaxation we really needed.

Life has been moving at 90mph lately, and with some minor stress mixed in, it feels like we are doing all we can to stay afloat. Yes, I know I’ve neglected this blog, but I am hoping a post mostly full of pictures will hold you over. My motivation for writing is zilch, yet I have 4.5 writing deadlines looming over my head. It’ll come back, just give me a moment.

We took a six-day trip to visit Justin’s dad and stepmom in Florida, part of the time with J’s siblings. When we visit my family in NJ/CT and Justin’s family in Denver, we intentionally have a trillion things on our agenda. Denver is “our primary residence,” so it feels like our trips to Denver are a serious dose of reality and adulting. I now associate Denver with anxiety—self-induced—but present nonetheless. As for NJ, we just always have a million friends and family to cram in and see. Never enough time.

Our Florida trip was the complete opposite. We visited and relaxed. Novel concept.

Ah relaxing … we all should do that more often, eh?
Indeed, we did convince our brother-in-law to rub J’s feet!

4 responses to “Florida: The Sunshine State”

  1. Misti Little says:

    Nice!! I want to go to Florida and relax, too!

  2. Shayna says:

    Yuck! J's pretty lucky to get his brother-in-law to rub his feet!

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