Southwest Tour Recap

Southwest Tour Recap

We’ve done 6 presentations–2 in New Mexico and 4 in Arizona–thus completing the Southwest leg of our road trip.

All the events were at smaller stores, but it’s always nice to ease in with a more manageable crowd. Incredibly enthusiastic listeners nonetheless, and it is awesome to be standing up in front of people again talking about one of our greatest passions!!!!

There have also been lots of friendly faces in the audience because part of our travels purposely took us back to our old stomping grounds: Phoenix.

I lived in Phoenix from 2000-2004 and Justin from 2002-2004. I’m not sure what either of us were thinking: we both hate cities and prefer winter over summer. The truth is, we were COMPLETELY different people back then. I was fresh out of college discovering my independence being 2,000 miles from my home in NJ. These were truly my most formative years.

After the mercury hit a high of 115 degrees this past weekend in Phoenix, I do wonder if I spent my most formative years in heatstroke. I forgot what it was like to walk outside with sopping wet hair, only to have it dry 6 minutes later. I also forgot what it was like to sweat so much that my fingers would prune 2 minutes into my shower.

But I digress, we spent the weekend in Phoenix visiting all our friends and it reminded me why I did LOVE Phoenix. Life has taken me all over our country, even this globe, but my Phoenix community is one of the most welcoming ever.

My Phoenix Mama!
My peeps from St. Gregory’s Catholic Church can’t be beat!
Fellow Holy Cross Associate Stephanie!
Someday, Justin will be able to drink endless beer again!
One thing is fo sho! Phoenix has the BEST Mexican food. 

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  1. Misti Little says:

    Cool, dudes! Sounds like y'all are having a lot of fun!

  2. Ginger says:

    Loved getting to spend some time with you!

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