Pacific Northwest Tour Recap

Pacific Northwest Tour Recap

First of all, can I just tell you how much I big puffy heart the Pacific Northwest? Our time in Washington & Oregon has been full of presenting and playing and almost immediately, I said to Justin, “we need to move back to the PNW one of these days.” From the moss-covered hemlock and douglas fir forests to the lofty mountains to its gorgeous coastline, I love everything about it.

So back to a recap. These past 2 weeks leading up to Memorial Day weekend have been jam-packed. As I mentioned, we picked up the Superfeet van and are now traveling in style (I promise to blog about it soon!). We’ve only had 5 events in Washington and Oregon, but lots of climbing mountains (see previous posts), visiting friends/family, a concert (U2!!!) and tons of meetings. Many of the tour’s sponsors are based in the PNW, so it was fun to have some face time one-on-one.

As of 5/13/17, this was ours!!!
Lunching with Austin, our sock guy!
So many reps in one place at our Seattle presentation!
Only Justin could find a concert in our route …
U2: The Joshua Tree Tour 2017
Visiting REI corporate!! By the end of this tour, we will have presented at nearly 60 REIs in our lifetime. We had to stop at REI corporate!! 

Visiting pets and people! 

The tour events have been fantastic! We are now 11 events in, making us 1/3 of the way through. One of the coolest things is that we’ve had friends/family come out for all 11 presentations, except for one (Tucson)! Just goes to show how many people we know around the country and how supportive they all are.

If I had to highlight a few events from the PNW, I would say Seattle & Eugene, OR. Seattle is always a biggie being a flagship REI and we were not disappointed in the turnout.

As for Eugene, we presented at Beergarden Brewery! We still scheduled the event through REI, but because of the store’s Memorial Day Sale, they couldn’t accommodate us in the retail space. So they partnered with a brewery to still make it happen! We were a little skeptical at first, and there were certainly spacing and sound challenges, but it all worked out and people loved it.
Combining beer & gear in Eugene = success!

Anyway, the whole tour is going super lightening fast! We are now in California for 7 stops over the next 2 weeks. Everyone keeps warning us we are going to be sitting in a traffic jam from Sacramento south until we leave California. LOL! 

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    Ugh to California traffic!! The rumors are true! Good luck with that!

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