Middle America Tour Recap

Middle America Tour Recap

Just in case you are wondering, it is NOT recommended to drive eastbound and jump 2 time zones in 2 days. I spent most of my last week jet lagged without ever stepping foot on a plane.

This is because we drove nearly 2500 miles across the United States in a week for our NZ Speaking Tour. We were in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 14 and 13 states later, we ended up in Glenora, New York on June 23.

Though it’s been a whirlwind and we wake not knowing where we are, it’s still been awesome as usual! We had 7 events in 6 different states.

The best part about all this travel has been visiting friends!! “Visiting” is a euphemism for using their bathroom, showering, giving our dishes a full wash in a big sink, doing laundry, using their WiFi …

We also checked out Gregory’s headquarters in Salt Lake City. It’s always wonderful when we can connect with our marketing reps in person.

BTW, Vegas was also fun. And if by fun, I mean expensive. We did treat ourselves to the Beatles Love Cirque du Soleil show. It was recommended by friends and we had no idea what to expect. It was fantastic!!!!!

We are actually entering a “breather” period. We have 5 events up and down the East Coast, but they are spread across the next 15 days! We will be doing more visiting than presenting and it will feel weird to spend more than a few days in one place.

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