Family Time in Connecticut/New Jersey

Family Time in Connecticut/New Jersey

We spent the long holiday weekend in the tristate area. Most of my family lives here, so there were PLENTY of people to visit, and we still can never see everyone.

We started with Connecticut, where my older sister lives. We purposely planned a presentation near her and her family … they were not at all guilt tripped into attending.

With my sister, her husband, niece and nephew, we went mini golfing, tubing down Farmington River and watched a fantastic thunderstorm and the fireworks from the Danbury Airport, where we also took a nice plane ride.

We also celebrated our oldest nephew’s birthday while we were in town. Not really sure how he is 15, but well, it’s happened. Actually, this is a good chance to gush about him. This kid has had one obsession since birth. On second thought, since in utero. TRAINS.

Typically, childhood fixations stop. But Ryan’s Thomas obsession has turned into real knowledge about trains and is on a direct path to going to Gateway College to become a railroad engineer. Right now, he regularly volunteers at the Danbury Railroad Museum, giving tours and restoring old rail cars. We visited him at the museum and watched proudly in action.

Next up, we spent a few days in New Jersey with my parents. We were able to squeeze in a few other visits, including me seeing my Nana, Justin seeing his childhood friend and us seeing his Uncle Pete. There’s always so many more to visit, but so little time!

 Friends since childhood!
 Justin and Uncle Pete!
 My Nana just turned 91!
My parents don’t understand what a selfie is!

We are currently in Maryland for the weekend and making our way south to Virginia Beach for our 30th presentation!!!

2 responses to “Family Time in Connecticut/New Jersey”

  1. Shayna says:

    Love your family pics!

  2. Irishgirl says:

    Great family pics, Patrice! I'd love for you to meet Aiden whenever you're back in the tristate area. We are long overdue for a catch up visit! Your niece and nephew look SO grown up! Unreal!!


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