Van Life: The Wanderer II

Van Life: The Wanderer II

This should be no surprise to anyone, but we bought another van (our “big purchase” referenced in my April Currently post)!!

Meet the Wanderer II, a 2010 Roadtrek Adventurous RS Sprinter.

As we do best, we usually spend 22 minutes making big life decisions.

To be clear, Justin is always looking at vans for sale. But this van came to us when someone approached us and asked if we wanted to buy their van.

Sure, why not?

We are part-time van life enthusiasts, having spent time more time living on the road (or trail) than in a home since we opted to live our life less ordinary in 2011. We actually consider this our 4th van, although the first was not ours (borrowed from a gear sponsor), the second was (Wanderer I) and third was not (borrowed from another gear sponsor).

Our summer plans are set working with Leave No Trace and Subaru as part of the Zero Landfill Initiative, which includes being provided a Subaru Outback for our travel. As such, our van will sit in storage this summer, but come fall when our contract wraps up, we have BIG road trip plans.

And this van is pretty much a dream come true. It is 22 feet long, has a couch/bed, kitchen (fridge, 2-burner stove, sink, convection/microwave, coffee maker), bathroom/shower (really unnecessary in our opinion, but appreciated) and ample storage compartments. Probably so much more that we have yet to discover! It does have 4 seats, but we don’t plan to keep them in place. For a 2010, it looks brand new (only 2 previous owners and 16,000 miles). It has a diesel engine, which should truly last a lifetime. We are still in disbelief that it is ours!

We haven’t put many personal touches on it at all, but that will come. We merely picked it up, drove it to CO to register it, got a flat tire, replaced the 4 back tires (it’s a dually), investigated a clicking noise in the battery area, fixed clicking noise, showed it off to friends and family and returned it to New Mexico where it sits nice and shiny until we drive it into storage for the summer.

That’s our whirlwind we call our life. At least we wear seatbelts through the wild ride!


6 responses to “Van Life: The Wanderer II”

  1. Bobby (aka Bolt) says:

    Tammy and I want to borrow your van!

  2. Misti says:

    So exciting! Can’t wait to see your upcoming trip and all of the cool things you will be doing! 🙂

  3. Shayna says:

    Looks like the perfect house for you! Congratulations!

  4. Kristen Coats says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! That is amazing!!!

  5. Patricia Stevens says:

    Wow — it’s a real beauty! I think you should hang up the framed lace LaVigne sign in this one for sure!! Love, Aunt Pat

  6. Mary says:

    That van looks nicer than my house!

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