Wyoming Wrap Up!

Wyoming Wrap Up!

We wrapped up our 3 weeks in the Teton Valley of Wyoming (Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park) and are in route to Alaska (via a long 8 days through Canada). I know I keep saying this, but it felt like way more than 3 weeks. We really had no idea how much we would fall in love with the Teton Valley. Between the people and the scenery, we would come back in a heartbeat!

I thought I’d do a short wrap-up with stats (because you should all know my love of stats by now).

20 days

15 events

1442 miles

11 nights in a tent

7 nights in a dry cabin

1 night in a hotel

Miles hikes: 21

Showers: 6

Laundry: 2

Personal Trash Created: 5.4 lbs (average American creates 4.4 lbs of garbage a day!)

Recycling Created: 3.7 lbs

Compost Created: 2.2 lbs

Number of times we unloaded the car: 5

Number of car washes: 3

Blocks of ice purchased for cooler: 3

Monopoly Deal Game Played: 32

Netflix Movies or Red Box Rentals: 6 (plus watching “The Rain” TV show)

Wildlife spotted: bison, pronghorn, marmots, moose (sadly only Justin saw 2, me 0), osprey, eagles, red-tailed hawks (but NO bear despite our early morning and late night drives!)

Favorite Event: Vanlife Gathering, but driving in Jackson’s 4th of July Parade was a close second!!!



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  1. Misti says:

    Awesome! Y’all are having such fun! I’m glad you did not listen to me and took that job! LOL–what do I know???

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