Exploring Wyoming: Grand Teton National Park

Exploring Wyoming: Grand Teton National Park

We are *almost* to Alaska! Middle of nowhere Canada actually!! But, in an effort not to get too backlogged on posts, let’s just pretend we are still in Wyoming. Because I want to recap our hikes from our 3 weeks there. I’ll keep it short and sweet (with lots of pictures!).

With its regal 40-mile Teton Range of mountains, waning glaciers (12!), braided rivers and lush forest, how could we not fit in a few outdoor adventures while “living” in Grand Teton National Park??? We came up with a LONG list of hikes in and around the park, and ticked off 2 day hikes from the list. Obviously, we need to return.

Grand Teton only became a national park in 1929 after major opposition and now is one of the 10 most visited parks. With more than 4 million visitors annually, the crowds just keep getting bigger and bigger! It was really hard to escape the crowds on our chosen hikes, but these hikes are still are not to be missed in our opinion!

Jenny Lake

Mileage: 8 miles (loop)

Elevation Gain: 275 feet

Trail Description: We hiked counterclockwise. The trail climbs gradually to start. There was a reroute of the trail that automatically takes you to Hidden Falls, which was awesome. Most people either double back to the trailhead, or are taking the ferry across the lake. So beyond Hidden Falls, the crowds faded. The scenery is beautiful on the west side of the lake because you are really getting a closer look at the peaks. Tons of marmots along the way!! Once we hit the junction for String Lake, the crowds picked up again. The rest of the loop is easy peasy, but still very scenic & enjoyable!

Taggart Lake

Mileage: 10 miles

Elevation: 585 feet

Description: There is a trailhead for Taggart Lake, making the trip less than 2 miles to the lake. But we took the path a little less traveled and came from the Lupine Meadows trailhead (which also takes you to Surprise/Amphitheater Lakes). It adds mileage, but there is a section of solitude and you get to see Bradley Lake as well! The trail climbs gradually to the junction to Surprise/Amphitheater Lakes, then flattens for a bit, and climbs again to Bradley Lake. Then the loop for Taggart (not all the way around) is pretty flat and that’s where it gets crowded again with people coming from the other trailhead. There were SO many wildflowers along this hike. No wildlife (sadly), but again, just gorgeous.

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