Currently: November

Currently: November

Currently living/working in: I already referenced that November was a month of “professional development” in my last blog post, as well as several Backpacker deadlines and edits. Freelance life is keeping us extremely busy at the moment! 

Current mood: The month has been an emotional roller coaster, mostly because I am trying to help my parents get through some tough issues. But I am with my family in New Jersey now, and it feels so much better not to be 1000s of miles away. 

Currently thankful for: The flexibility of our non-traditional and freelance life that allows me be in places like NJ when need be. 

Currently proud of: Our FIVE Holiday Gift Guides for Backpacker. They were definitely a labor of love. Read them here: Main, Under $25, Beginner, Ultralight and Expert. 

Currently worried about: Health insurance renewal time!! We’ve been so lucky with our health insurance situation the last 2 years as residents in Colorado. But as we enter our 3rd year, I’m not so confident.  

Currently not excited about: Edits!! My pole and Justin’s knife reviews for Backpacker’s Spring Gear Guide are submitted, and I don’t think we are done with all the red ink on them. No matter how long I’ve been a writer, edits never get easier!!

Currently excited about: New regular Backpacker and SNEWS projects starting soon …

Current guilty pleasure: Live football! Every once in awhile, Justin gets to go to a live football game. He went to his first Bronco’s game this month & said it was quite possibly, the best live football game he’s ever been to (11/25 – Broncos over Steelers).

Currently amazed by: One of our nephews is old enough to drive!!! How is that possible???

Currently regretting: I’m not sure this could have been avoided, but we’re not happy with the mice of Brighton, Colorado. They apparently chomped on the brake fluid wire in our van while it’s in storage. Problem solved, $300 later. And van moved to a less “mouse-prone” spot (we think) to avoid a future feeding frenzy. 

Current confession: I am so over hospitals. I mean, no one likes them, I know. But I sure feel like I’ve had my lifetime share of visiting people in hospitals in 2018. Oy. 

Currently reading: Beneath a Scarlet Sky by Mark Sullivan. This is a BIG book (500+ pages) that I wouldn’t normally opt to read, but everyone in Justin’s family read it and raved about it. I’m halfway through & do love it. It’s about an Italian kid growing up during WWII and his role in the war (based on a true story). 

Currently watching on Netflix: We watched the last season of House of Cards. It was terrible, but we couldn’t leave it undone. Then we moved on to a slapstick comedy that is so good! If you haven’t caught Schitt’s Creek, give it a go. They are short episodes too. 

4 responses to “Currently: November”

  1. Jamie La Vigne says:

    We miss you Patrice!

  2. Misti says:

    I meant to mention in my write up about life is that Sabrina on Netflix was really good. It’s nothing like the tv Sabrina. It’s actually pretty dark. I enjoyed it!

    And yay gear guides! I need ideas for Chris!

  3. Cathy Goforth says:

    Hi Patrice! Love your newsletter! So happy that you and Justin are enjoying the beauty of traveling and then writing about it. I am glad that I can contact you via this newsletter as I have been worried about not hearing from Mom. I was able to see her in August as I visited New Jersey. It was so good to see Mom and happy she was able to set aside time for me. I know she has a lot to deal with, and I wish I could help more but………any way I have not heard from Mom since August, except for a card that said nothing except Love Me. I sent her a Thanksgiving card and wrote a note, but haven’t heard back. So when you speak with her, please tell her that I love her, and I miss our late night telephone calls, and that I am here for her. Know that I think of you and Janice as well, and keep you all in my prayers. Be well, be safe, and look forward to hearing from you……Love, Cathy

  4. Clara says:

    The Backpacker Gear review is awesome! Looks like a lot of work. Great job! Enjoy spending time with your family. Your hair is getting so long!

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