Currently: December

Currently: December

Currently living/working in: Well, I’m still in NJ helping my parents with my dad’s medical ups/downs & Justin has been hanging in CO with his family. This was the first time we were apart for Christmas probably since 2004 (Justin came to NJ for a fast weekend). But staying here in NJ has been necessary and I wouldn’t have it any other way. In between all of this, Justin & I are still working hard on writing deadlines & pitches, sometimes difficult since we are not sitting side by side. It’s been exciting to focus on nonstop writing projects lately! Although you can see the blog has taken a back seat to all that … 

Current mood: That emotional roller coaster from November? It continued into December. Seems to be continuing into 2019! Man adulting is hard. But Justin has been my rock as usual, even though we’re miles apart! 

Currently proud of: Medical literacy. Chalk it up to 15 years as a medical writer or all the time I’ve spent in hospitals for my spouse & father, but I am happy I can understand what’s going on around me. Doesn’t mean I don’t have perpetual headaches and insomnia from it all …  FYI, if anyone would like me to write a blog post on the “5 Things I’ve Learned About Caretaking Elderly Parents,” I’m ready. And, I’m also open to any advice!!!

Currently excited about: A January trip to Baja!! Justin & I have nomadic friends from the Appalachian Trail who bought a house outside of Cabo in Mexico. Beach vacations are not our typical M.O., but we are stoked for this one. Hopefully we won’t have to cancel given the above situation … 

Currently not excited about: I’ve spent 21 days of December either visiting my dad in the hospital or subacute rehab facility and there is still a VERY LONG ROAD ahead. 

Current guilty pleasure: The byproduct of being in NJ for so long: I’ve seen so many friends & family! 

Justin’s short visit included a large crowd of friends!!

Currently regretting: Not getting to visit some of our friends with Justin. They moved to Alabama this year & had a baby, but I had to miss meeting little Zoe & seeing their new home! 

Currently thankful for: After a million hours on the phone in early December, I managed to straighten out our insurance debacle. Boy was that scary and stressful to think we were going to have to pay $20,000 for Justin’s December Remicade treatment or skip it. 

Current confession: I’m having real FOMO for outdoor adventures. I probably should just take a break from scrolling through Instagram, but the external/internal exploration divide is real. Hoping some salty beach air in Mexico and crisp mountain scenery in Colorado planned in January can cure my soul. 

Currently amazed by: Our address continues to change, so I am always grateful when Christmas cards find their way to us! 

Currently worried about: I don’t even need to write this out. I’m pretty sure you can guess.

Currently reading: Finished Beneath a Scarlet Sky by Mark Sullivan. Took me about 6 weeks for the 500+ page book. It was worth it! So good and sad. Now I’ve moved onto The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah. It’s another sad one (fiction), but about living in Alaska, so I have no doubt I will love it. 

Currently watching on Netflix: Justin watched Bird Box without me & he said it is so so good! 

3 responses to “Currently: December”

  1. Jamie La Vigne says:

    We miss you in Colorado!

  2. You are always in our thoughts ! Prayers for your family and each of you for a great new year. The passion for the mountain/trails still maintains itself here. Let the sunshine upon you and keep the wind at your back. YOU ARE LOVED IN VIRGINIA !!

  3. Clara says:

    Yes! You must write an article about elderly care taking! I hope Baja will be super relaxing for you both. Can’t wait!

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