Zero Landfill Initiative Tour 2.0

Zero Landfill Initiative Tour 2.0

Earlier this week, we returned the keys for the 2019 Subaru Ascent we lived and worked out of since January to our employer, Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics.

However, we will pick up keys to a 2019 Subaru Ascent again from Leave No Trace the first week of June …

That’s right, we are going on our THIRD contract as a road team for the Center!! We just keep coming back for more. Just like last summer, we will work as the Zero Landfill Initiative Team doing outreach in and around Grand Teton, Denali and Yosemite National Parks.

Clearly, we are stoked to be working for Leave No Trace/Subaru again. Our passion for protecting our public lands keeps growing, so it is fitting to be involved with an organization and work that helps spread meaningful awareness and knowledge. Our summer work will focus on zero landfill initiatives—basically good ‘ol reduce, reuse and recycle—and how we as National Park visitors can improve our waste management and impact at the park.

Yes, this does mean we will be making the drive to/from Alaska again! Our schedule will basically follow last summer’s. We are heading to Teton Valley for a few weeks in June through July 4, then will be in Denali from mid-July until late August, then in the Yosemite area all of September. Wrapping up our contract Oct. 15 (then who knows??). Once again, what a work environment for the next several months!!!

As for the next few weeks, we’ve moved into our Sprinter van and are kind of hanging around Florida, then making our way up the East Coast until Justin goes to Alaska for his Denali climb in May. Overall, we are loving the temporary upgrade to 130 square feet! (FYI, I am planning a post about all the packing and unpacking we do in our life, so get excited. Seriously 90% of our life.)

To close out Contract #2 with Leave No Trace, I leave you with some winter stats!

76 days

5797 miles driven

4 states

7 nights in a tent (brrr, winter camping)

Coldest temp: -4

49 games of Monopoly Deal

6 different grocery store chains

4 postcards sent

22.5 miles hiked/snowshoed/XC skied

3 responses to “Zero Landfill Initiative Tour 2.0”

  1. John Haffner says:

    Let us know if you need a shower in Asheville. Or maybe a room with a bed.

  2. Misti says:

    Two summers in Alaska! Y’all will be loving that! If you find yourself in Texas, let me know!

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