Currently: May

Currently: May

Currently living/working in: We’ve been on the road (for ourselves) while making several pit stops up the East Coast to see family and explore, and now back on the road headed back west. I will actually be writing a whole blog post about these comings and goings, but basically, it’s been a fun and busy. Still working on planning out our summer Leave No Trace schedule for the Zero Landfill Tour, as well as our various content projects!

Current mood: Because we juggle multiple projects, I sometimes feel like I have ADD and am always playing catch up. Like this blog. I have a million stories I want to tell, but just lack the free time to make blogging a priority and I beat myself up about it unnecessarily!  

Current confession: I am definitely stressed and irritable lately, just ask my husband! I recognize my downward spiral and really hate feeling this way, so am trying to live more presently in the moment. Don’t we all seek more balance in our lives???? The key is figuring out how to achieve it. (And I don’t even have kids!)

Currently excited about: We’re planning to squeeze in a few backpacking trips this summer, but one that I am most excited about coming up in July: Lake Ohara in Yoho National Park (Canada). Thanks to Brice & Erin for the suggestion!

Currently amazed by:  Securing a reservation to backpack to Lake Ohara only took 200 phone calls … 

Currently not excited about: Unpacking the van and repacking to live in our Subaru for the Leave No Trace Zero Landfill Tour. Which means we also need to dive into our storage unit. The story of our life! 

Current guilty pleasure: I can’t say we’ve splurged much lately, but we’ve been staying in more pay campgrounds/RV parks than we ever have. People often poo poo RV parks, but I have to say, I have come to like them! Don’t get me wrong, I love boon docking off the grid probably more, but being able to plug in and having a shower is a welcomed luxury. 

Currently thankful for: Actually, it worked out that Justin came off Denali earlier than he anticipated. I needed his help managing all the tasks. And, I really didn’t want to drive back west solo. My mom was thinking about coming to keep me company, but that’s really not the best idea for her right now. 

Currently regretting: Justin of course regrets having to come off Denali. He definitely knows it was the right decision, but learning to accept it has been hard for both of us. His team is at 17,500 feet & hoping to summit this week!

Currently proud of: We always try to turn a bad situation into something positive. Justin was bummed about his Denali turnout, so we devised a road trip out west that would conquer some other goals (National Parks, State High Points) and give him the boost he needed.

Currently worried about: My mom is adjusting as best she can to life as a widow and managing a household solo after 50 years of sharing it with someone else, but I constantly have her on my mind. The latest worry that has popped up from that: Medicare Fraud. Scammers definitely target widows! 

Currently reading: I hate unfinished books and I had started Seventy Summits by Vern Tejas in Feb. It should be an easy and exciting read about mountaineering adventures, but his style is very dry in my opinion. I am determined to complete it!

Currently watching on Netflix: We finally started a new series!!!! Ozark!!! So many of you recommended that one, and we are on season 2. Hoping Season 3 comes out soon so we can continue the momentum. 

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  1. Misti says:

    Did y’all tell me about Schitt’s Creek? I started watching that. I’m also watching Fleabag on Prime, which is witty and interesting—very British. If you get a chance, Good Girls was pretty nice. Season 1 is on Netflix. Season 2 just aired on network tv.

    Sounds like life is fairly busy right now! Enjoy your road trip and my eyes widened at that 200 phone calls to Canada!Wow!

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