Currently: June

Currently: June

Currently living/working in: We’re back on the road this summer (until Oct. 15) as the Subaru/Leave No Trace Zero Landfill Team!!! So we’ve been in Teton County, Wyoming/Idaho since mid June (mostly Grand Teton National Park) and are leaving 7/5 to head up to Alaska, then will be in California most of September. 

Current mood: Surprisingly relaxed, even though we still are juggling multiple work projects (with LNT being the primary). Here’s the thing though, we have extremely limited cell and/or wifi while we are in the Tetons. So it makes me feel like we are off the grid. The work may keep piling up and when we have service I hyperventilate about my list of to dos (like I am doing right now), but living in the present is so refreshing. 

Current confession: For about a year, I was putting out a quarterly newsletter about “The Wandering La Vignes.” It is fun to put together and I do like doing it, but I had to put it on major hold as a way to recognize my limits somewhere. I wish I was that person that can post multiple pictures & stories on social and keep up with it. Instagram pictures and stories take me WAY LONGER to put together than I’d like to admit so I do them sporadically and the blog is my baby so I will never give that up. So the newsletter moved to the back burner. Because sometimes when I just get out of my own way, life is less stressful. 

Currently excited about: Midnight sun! We’re already experiencing long days here in the Tetons (gets dark around 9:30pm), but I am stoked for the endless days we’ll experience in Canada & Alaska soon!

Currently not excited about: There is currently a thick layer of pollen coating everything here in the Tetons. Moving around from place to place usually means we can evade allergies, and just suffer temporarily. Five more days in the Tetons, so it just might be upon us. (Oddly enough, Justin had the worst bout I’ve seen while we were on a treeless island in Florida in April. I’m not sure what allergen hit him, but it was BAD.) 

Currently worried about: Ankle re-injury possibilities. Like I said in my last post, I sprained my ankle on June 3 (and included the beautiful picture of it on Day 4). I’m back to hiking, but I feel like I have a little PTSD about gopher holes and uneven surfaces. I have infamously weak ankles—which is why I am a faithful boot wearer for hikes—but now my right ankle is more prone to future issues. 

Currently amazed by:  Justin’s colonoscopy revealed his Crohn’s is in remission. Huge win!! However, Justin is still trying hard to live—really live—with a broken body & figuring out which foods work and which don’t. He is a trooper, and tends to make major food sacrifices (or suffers when he doesn’t). But we are often left scratching our heads. We don’t really want to eat chicken & rice everyday!! 

Current guilty pleasure: We once again are driving a 2019 Subaru Ascent with heated seats & satellite radio, and we are getting paid to road trip to amazing places spreading environmental education. #nocomplaininghere

Currently thankful for: The weather in the Tetons has been unbelievable (clear skies & 70s), which is great since we are camping & working outside nearly everyday. 

Currently regretting: We definitely overscheduled ourselves again in the Tetons (18 events in 21 days)! No one to blame but ourselves, since we made our own schedule. So much good hiking in this area and so little time.  

Currently proud of: Our car organization system! After 3 Leave No Trace Subarus, I think we finally figured out how to efficiently live in a car and be organized. A place for everything and everything in its place.

Currently reading: We listened to Tommy Caldwell’s The Push and it was so good! Not only was it good writing, but his story just spoke to me and made me like him more. 

Currently watching on Netflix: We finished “Ozark”!!! I sure wish the last season of it would come out sooner than later. We’ve also finished the 2nd season of “The Rain,” but we both thought it was pretty terrible and won’t bother with the 3rd season. Moving onto “The Imposters” now.  

5 responses to “Currently: June”

  1. misti says:

    The Tetons looks amazing! Hope y’all can find something besides chicken and rice to eat! I’d give ideas but I’m sure you’ve been through a list of them already and I’d be no help!

    We’re trying to finalize some vacation plans for late summer or fall but now I need to add the Tetons to the list for next year!

  2. Jamie La Vigne says:

    Enjoy your last few days in the Tetons!

  3. Kristen says:

    Oh my!!! Pleeze twll me how to get organized in my Suba-roo Impreza!! I need a place for everything AND I need your help!!! So good to hear how you two crazy kids are doing! We guessed your cell coverage was bad this past month. Hoping to chat sometime soon! Less than eight weeks ‘til we launch!! Yikes…and yes, we are excited!!! Miss you both always!! Enjoy AK and the light!!! Love, Second & So GR8FUL

  4. Louise Carr says:

    What beautiful country you are experiencing. So happy to hear that Justin’s crohn’s is now in remission. Hope the weather stays bright and beautiful throughout your journeys.

  5. Pat Martucci says:

    It was so good to hear from you guys. I didn’t know what what you do. This is exciting! I admire you two. It’s not easy traveling around the country. You have each other to share with. You are so close to god in the mountains and lakes with few people. Enjoy your next trip and be safe. God bless you both! Pat and Tony Martucci. Your cheering section

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