Alaska Visitor!

Alaska Visitor!

Because we drive around the country so much, we typically are visiting everyone in their homes, or at least their state. I’ve seen my mom a lot this year, but always in New Jersey. To change things up, she decided to visit us on the road while we’ve been in Alaska!!

Her brother and his wife (as well as one of their daughters) actually lives in Fairbanks, so the visit had double duty to see extended family she hardly sees. Justin & I had a little lull in programming when we had to drive up to Fairbanks to get our Subie’s oil changed, so it worked out perfectly to squeeze in a quick visit with everyone.

Her very quick trip was more about being together than touring the sites of Alaska, and in fact, this was her second time to the 49th state. We mainly stayed around Fairbanks and laid low, which was totally fine.

My mom got to see 2/3 of her nieces on this trip!

The one touristy thing we did was the 3-hr Riverboat Discovery excursion down the Chena River. Justin has done it before (like a million times) when he worked as a tour guide up here. I hesitated because it’s pretty expensive, but I’m so happy we did it!! Great way to hear more about Alaskan history and living.

My sister & I have been watching my mom like hawks, limiting her driving and such. Well, maybe my worry-wart sister has been more conservative on my mom’s travels than I am! But the point is, I’m glad my mom can still enjoy her freedom just a little bit every once in awhile. Now she can go back to being a homebody with her coffee and TV programs.

5 responses to “Alaska Visitor!”

  1. Matthew Leonard says:

    Beautiful phots! So glad you got to experience it with your mom.

  2. Misti says:

    Oh how fun that you got to see your mom for a bit! I think y’all are a lot like Marc and Eliana in regards to Alaska—I could see y’all living there for a few years.

  3. Jamie L says:

    Great picture of you and your mom in front of the fire!

  4. Ethan says:

    I’ve been very busy getting ready for school, so I’m just glad I finally have some time to catch up on your blog. It’s been a while since I read some. Thanks again for your pins and the towel. (My town just banned plastic bags)
    Save the turtles

  5. Patricia A Stevens says:

    How Wonderful!!

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