Alaska Wrap Up

Alaska Wrap Up

We are already halfway through our last leg of the Zero Landfill Tour, in Yosemite National Park. But I couldn’t go without doing a wrap up from our time in Alaska!

34 days

26 events

Mileage Driven: 5,250 miles

Nights Camping: 6

Miles Hiked: 45.2

Miles Paddled: 10.5

Denali Sightings: 6

Black Bears Spotted: 3

Grizzly Bears Spotted: 6

Moose Spotted: 23

Bald Eagles Spotted: 4

Beluga Whales Spotted: 13

Money Found on the Ground: $0.38

Postcards Sent: 11

Grocery Store Visits: 6

Number of Showers: 13

Loads of Laundry: 4

Netflix Movies: 6

Netflix TV Shows: 3

Number of card games: 108

Weight of Personal Trash: 9.8 lbs 

Weight of Compost: 3.4 lbs

Recycling: 3.5 lbs

Terracycle Recycling: 1 lb 

And of course:

Cabins Purchased: 1

Sunset at 11:12pm in early August

3 responses to “Alaska Wrap Up”

  1. misti says:

    I found a $20 on the Savage River Trail!

    Alaska…I’m tagging along with y’all next time!

  2. Jamie says:

    Where’s my postcard!?

  3. Patricia A Stevens says:

    I dragged myself to the Stop & Shop today (miles in my car: 2)! Does this count as anything LOL?

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