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Arctic Adventures: Volume 13—Golf in Alaska???

I’m gonna guess one of the last things someone would associate with Alaska would be golf. I mean, with average high temps in the 60s and four months (sometimes less) more »

Arctic Adventures: Volume 12—Breakup—Part 2

Besides the river breakup, Alaska’s springtime arrives with a leap and a shout in many other ways.  Obviously the first thing we noticed was the return of the sun. It more »

Arctic Adventures: Volume 12—Breakup—Part 1

At the beginning of April, we had close to 2 feet of snow, some fresh. By mid-April, winter had conceded her reign.  But before I get into this installment of more »

Currently: April

Currently living/working in: Well, we’re still in limbo job-wise, hanging in Healy and literally cannot conceptualize where we’ll be and what we’ll be doing beyond May. We’ve done lots of more »