Currently: July

Currently: July

Currently living/working in: We’re one month into our Leave No Trace job—from Alaska—and all is going well. Besides lots of meetings and trainings to get up to speed, we’ve mainly been working on content projects, including 3 blog posts, 1 Instagram Live Video (follow @Leavenotracecenter on Instagram if you aren’t already!), and our first webinar this coming Wednesday. I cannot believe how spoiled we’ve been with our free time leading up to this month … Even though we’ve continuously been juggling freelance writing projects through the winter and spring, adding full-time Leave No Trace work back in the mix is definitely stretching our limits (way less golf for Justin this month LOL). And we’re not even working on the road like we normally would be, so theoretically, it should be easier when stationery!

Our first Instagram Live event was about the Zero Landfill Initiative, and you can watch it on Leave No Trace’s feed. There is a live sesh every Friday, so tune in to learn something fun! Our next “Instagram Live” event is Friday, Aug 21.

Current mood: Tired from a full-time schedule! But feeling very blessed to have full-time work, insurance coverage and to live in Alaska. 

Currently amazed by: I totally forgot to report in June’s Currently post that we had a Lynx sighting! Back on June 4, we were driving to Fairbanks on the Parks Highway and this guy sat there for us to observe. They are so regal & majestic—I love their long tufts of fur on their ears and face. I would love to spot more of them. 

Current guilty pleasure: I finally purchased myself a zoom lens for my camera (actually, it’s a birthday gift from my mom, so I didn’t technically buy it myself). I was hellbent on buying it used to save $$, so I way too much time this month bidding on eBay until I finally won an auction at the price I wanted. I just received it in the mail, so stay tuned for epic pictures (imagine what the lynx photo could have looked like had I used my good camera & zoom lens!). 

Currently proud of: SNEWS put the summer issue of The Voice out at the beginning of July, and it is always wonderful to see your hard work in print. “TV50” was the project we worked on from April until June where we ranked the top 50 forthcoming products (out of hundreds of submissions). Download and read the digital version of The Voice here. Or order a print copy to support independent trade journalism!

Currently excited about: Justin’s golf game is inconsistent (in his words), but his team won the charity tournament in early July! Out of 12 teams, they scored the best with 4 under par. 

Currently regretting: I actually love the rain, but we are having quite the wet summer here in Alaska, which puts a damper (pun intended) on outdoor pursuits. We’ve had nearly 10 inches of rain since June 1. As soon as we get a nice weather window—whether it be a full day or one hour—we definitely capitalize on it. But we are certainly not doing as much (i.e., backpacking trips) as we would have liked and the summer feels nearly over!

We eat dinner outside on our deck as much as we can, but sometimes we are racing a storm!

Currently not excited about: I really wish more people in Alaska would wear a mask! I know New Hampshire’s state motto is “Live Free or Die,” but it seems like Alaskans equally adopt that mantra. 

Currently worried about: Our first “Live Instagram” event went off without a glitch, so here’s hoping we never have a technology fail during future virtual events … I heard during the tech titans had issues with the livestream testimony to the House last week, so I suppose no one is immune from technical difficulties. 

Current confession: Backpacker testing is in full swing, and we are never without packages in our tiny cabin especially since we started managing the food category. When the boxes start to get taller than us, though, that’s when I realize it’s time to send out packages to our testers. 

Currently thankful for: Today (Aug 2 — I know I am late posting) would have been my dad’s 75th birthday. And it was this time last year that Justin’s grandma passed. Both people died in nursing homes, and we’re just so grateful they didn’t have to die alone during the pandemic like so many others.  

Currently reading: I just finished This is the Story of a Happy Marriage by Ann Patchett. I loved it. It was a compilation of her previously published short stories and she speaks to the writing/publishing process a lot, which obviously sings to my heart. It’s a new favorite book thanks to my friend Erika, who has been sending me packages of her leftover books every few months. It’s like Christmas!!!! I never know what I’m going to get, and I’ve been sharing with other friends, passing on books I’m not interested in. Oddly enough, I had Ann Patchett’s book in my wishlist reading list since 2017!

Currently watching on Netflix: We finished Season 4 and are halfway through Season 5 of Longmire. Really enjoying it, and with only 1 more season left, we’ll have to find another show to watch. Feel free to offer suggestions for a show that is completely over … we like to binge watch instead of waiting for the next season.

5 responses to “Currently: July”

  1. clara says:

    Sounds like you guys are finding your stride in Alaska. So happy to follow along.

  2. misti says:

    So glad you read This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage–I listened to it a few years ago and really loved it! I’ve also listened to one of her fiction books but it really made me love Ann Patchett!

    Eating on the porch looks lovely! We just got patio furniture for our balcony after 8 years here so I will be out there often!

  3. Kathy says:

    And ANOTHER great blog

  4. Paul says:

    While our promised phone call is slow in coming, we LOVE being able to catch up on your posts. Looking forward to your voice (which kristen is listening to right now on your LNT Insta)

  5. Jamie says:

    How cool you saw a lynx! Great photo!

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