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From Beach to Mountains

Earlier this month, when we landed back in Denver from Baja, Mexico (sea level), we decided Denver’s 5,000 feet of elevation wasn’t enough gain for one day. So we picked more »

Saying Goodbye to Fenton Ranch

2 years. It’s the longest we’ve spent in one place since we embarked on our life less ordinary in 2011. So basically an eternity. New Mexico–the 15th state we’ve collectively more »

Currently: December

Happy New Year! Forgive me for being 1 day late with this …  Currently living/working in: Still property caretaking of Fenton Ranch in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico … and more »

The Cat Lady Who Lives In The Woods And Writes

I have officially fallen into a stereotype. I am the woman who lives in the woods by herself with three female cats and writes all day. To be honest, that more »

10 Days At 10,000 Feet

We have wrapped up our Te Araroa Speaking Tour. I plan to do a full recap soon, but let me just say it was more successful than we ever imagined more »

RIP Mr. McKinley

If this week were not emotional enough, we have other bad news. Mr. McKinley passed away Saturday night. McKinley, who would have been 11 this June. McKinley, who was part more »

Marriage By Numbers – The 8th Anniversary Edition

8 memorable, adventure-filled years married 7 times we’ve rented a moving truck (Penske rocks!) 6 cats fostered  5 zip codes shared (of legitimate places we’ve lived for more than a more »

Currently: Catching Up To September

I skipped August, so this will be a catch-up edition! Current mood:  at peace Currently thankful for:  a character-building summer with one of the most beautiful backyards we will probably more »

Retired Life at the Cabin at 10,000 Feet.

You have to be wondering what we are doing these days since we don’t start our new gig until April. I imagine our life is very much like a retired more »

Fare the Well, New Jersey

Well, we survived our almost 2 months in NJ. I say “survived” because J should really be granted sainthood for holing up with his in-laws in a box no more more »

More Jersey Deliciousness

Day 41 in New Jersey, but who’s counting? J was not counting and when I told him 41 days, he vomited in his mouth a little. Today, Jersey got some more »

Happy 9th Birthday Mr. McKinley!

For those who may be newer to this blog, this is Mr. McKinley. J & I adopted him in 2004 when he was 6 months old. We kept him until more »

Staying Put For A Bit

I have set up “camp” at my parents’ house in New Jersey for the next 10 days and am glad for the “break.”  When I say “break,” I mean to more »

Closing one chapter and starting another

We are busier than a one-armed juggler these days. Even J, who never stresses about anything, felt a little overwhelmed these past few weeks. Here’s a snapshot has been going more »


We are going to miss a lot of things about BD when we hit the road, but probably the one that tugs at our heart strings the most are our more »

Foster Kitties

Jess Hi, my name is Jess and I spent just over 3 months living with Steadee and Deal. They were awesome foster parents. They provided me bugs, mice and much more »

Happy 50th Birthday To Our Son … 1 Day Late

Dear Mr. McKinley, Your birthday was yesterday (Summer Solstice). You turned 8, which is 50 in cat years (old man, you are). We didn’t forget your birthday, I promise. I more »

Where we live

Well, so much for my “bonus post,” as it’s been almost 2 weeks! My “bonus post” was going to be pictures of where we live!!! It is so hard to more »

Seis de Mayo

Hi there. Has it been 2 weeks? Oh, 3? Really? Oh boy. That means I missed my deadline for my biweekly blog post! I am sure y’all will be much more »

In the Name of the Father …

RevKev came to visit us at the cabin (aka, paradise) this weekend and we had loads of fun. For new blog readers, RevKev married Deal & I five years ago! more »

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