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Fire Safety 101

Fire is NOT something to joke about, which is why I am happy to report we survived our first chimney fire on Monday evening. Apparently the powers that be decided more »

Retirement is oh so good

It’s good to be back in Colorado and at the cabin and we are waiting for the snow. Seriously, what a disappointing winter!! But alas, we have still gotten out more »

On the road again …

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, Festivus … All that good stuff. We had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed our time in the Northeast. Because I like the numbers game, more »

Fare Thee Well, Chicago

Goodbye Chicago. You have been good to us for the past 3 weeks, but it is time to move on. In Chicago, we played lots of games. Sadly, the boys more »

Post-trail Life

We have been off the AT for more than a week and you would think now that I have easy access to cell service and computers, I would be blogging more »

Onto Rocksylvania

We spent 3 wonderful zeros at my parents’ … Saw lots of friends and took care of all our bizness. Of course, the last 3 days were gorgeous … In more »

Mile 895.5 – New Jersey is DONE

Guess what we have been doing the last few days?? NOT HIKING!! I’m excited to tell you all that we are enjoying a few zeros at my parents’ house in more »


WE ARE NOW 31 DAYS FROM STARTING OUR TREK. Sorry for the all caps, but I am bursting with every emotion possible! So anyways, 31 days. That’s 744 hours. 44,640 more »

Could the Mister give us the plague?

There’s a new study out from the CDC that says there’s a risk of transmission of some life-threatening diseases when your pets share your bed. You know, diseases like the more »

Happy 6th Birthday Mr. McKinley!

I turned 6 today. I feel old. Just look at all the white hair I have. more »

Good news!

My dad came out of surgery and is a-okay! I didn’t get to talk to him yet and I only talked to my mom briefly, but all went well so more »

Don’t mind me

Training the Mister – EDITED

J is ever so proud of Mr. McKinley and has a new goal in mind. He wants to train him to use the toilet to throw up. You see, cleaning more »

Happy 5th birthday Mr. McKinley!

The Mr. is turning 5 this month! We don’t know his exact birth date, but we like to say his birthday coincides with Summer Solstice. We adopted him from the more »


I have a window in my office that faces our awesome backyard. Fairly often, our landlord’s cats (and other neighborhood cats) sit outside my window on our porch roof. Mind more »

Thank goodness we don’t have children

McKinely has an appt. at the vet tomorrow to get his annual feline distemper vaccine and J said, “but why? His temper is fine!” ***UPDATE … Mr. McKinley’s temper is more »

A message from the “mister” of the house

I have some crazy owners. One came home, the other left. I don’t know what to make of it. They’re always in and out! Well, out more than they’re in, more »

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