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The Cabin Life

Greetings from paradise! We have been at the cabin for a 5 full days and there is no cabin fever here! We are in a semi-normal routine, which includes cooking more »

Learning to Cook Gourmet Meals

This weekend was pretty boring. Aside from J’s concerts (BTW, he got to Boston with no problems tonight!), we didn’t have much going on. We just did some errands and more »

I’m retiring my skort

I tried to start a trend this indoor soccer season: wearing a skort to play. But I cannot take the ridicule anymore, so I am officially retiring it. It didn’t more »

Superbowl Sunday!

Happy Superbowl! We’re just sitting here watching the game and commercials (disappointing so far, no?) as well as the Black Eyed Peas’ half-time show (Yippeeeee!) on our sweet 13-inch TV. more »

Week 35 of Unemployment

I have nothing good to say about my pitiful job search this week, though I did invoice 8 hours of work. Woo hoo. Instead, I will just tell you about more »

Just call me Pele …

Besides our co-ed soccer team, I sub sometimes for a woman’s team on Wednesdays. Last night, I played in one of their games. I scored. J was watching from the more »


This is our soccer record for the first winter session, which ended last night. I couldn’t be prouder! We’ve been playing with the same team for over a year now more »

Zumba craze

Has anyone jumped on the Zumba bandwagon? As usual, I’m late. My kickboxing instructor convinced me to give it a try. As uncoordinated as I am, I’ve been doing okay more »

Shake what your momma gave you

We had our first dance class last night. The dance studio said they missed us during the summer, but mostly they just missed our awesome costumes for the monthly costume more »

Don’t argue with the ref

As the temps start dropping, J and I switch into “winter” mode. That means the start of indoor soccer and dancing. Tonight was our first soccer game. We won! But more »

Who needs sunshine?

Despite the threat of rain all weekend, J and I decided we desperately needed some QT with nature, so we opted for an easy paddle on Saturday at Hopkinton Lake more »

Until next season …

Indoor soccer has ended for us until the fall. It’s bittersweet because I love playing, but it’s summer (supposedly!) and it just doesn’t make sense to spend time indoors. We more »

Class of 2009 vs. Class of 1950

J got the high school seniors in his town to host a Senior Prom for the real seniors in town. The HS seniors taught the seniors the dance for “Cotton more »

A beautiful summer weekend … in April

The mercury in the thermometer surged well into the 80s this weekend, so we did our best to enjoy the outdoors. I do think NH may have skipped some of more »

Buzz Buzz Buzz

So I told you we had another dance on Saturday night. The theme was something along the lines of got cabin fever, think spring. Our thoughts led us to the more »

A fun Tuesday night out

As if we didn’t spend enough money this weekend out at our pub crawl, J and I decided to do something different Tuesday night. We’ve been trying to go more more »

Mardi Gras!

Our dance studio hosted another theme party (they do it every month), so it has just been “our thing” to try to come up with crazy costumes. I think we more »

I don’t purposely try to embarrass myself

Last night, my kickboxing partner laughed and told me that I look like I am riding a pony while trying this one move. I can assure you, when I see more »

A blast from the past

I had a great weekend down at my sister’s and we decided to take my niece and nephew for a “drive” down to Jersey (no small feat) to visit my more »

10:30 in the PM

What will you be doing at 10:30pm tonight? Probably getting ready for bed, or in bed sleeping already … Not us. Because the stupid people who make our soccer schedule more »

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