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Scenes From Chesuncook – Week 7

J & I used to always say, “someday, we will live off the grid.” Not because we wanted to prep for doomsday or a zombie apocalypse, but simply because we more »

Human-Powered Shuttles

Nearly every person we meet in the North Maine Woods spews off something along these lines: “You don’t have a spare tire??” No, we don’t.  First of all, we had more »

Scenes From Chesuncook – Week 2

Hope you enjoyed our first batch of pictures, because I have a second batch! Our life is still full of peace and quiet, but we’ve had more guest activity lately, more »

Scenes From Chesuncook

It’s been 1 week since we’ve been up here and we are getting more and more acquainted. Rainy days have outnumbered sunny days, so we’ve been doing more indoor than more »

Our New Home in Maine

“The first time that you begin moving in an unconventional direction is the hardest beginning,” according to modern-day adventurer Alastair Humphreys. “After that, you can’t imagine moving in any other more »

End-of-Season Review

Today is the last day RimRock is open. Let me start by saying we had a good time this summer. Overall. This week has been anti-climatic and deathly quiet compared more »

Mid-Season Review

RR has been open for more than 2 months and it’s time for reflective thoughts. Of lately, I bombard you with pictures, but I don’t often say much. Sometimes I more »

Currently: July

Current mood:  Tired. We had a long, busy weekend Currently thankful for:  Google Translate. We have had several guests from foreign countries who don’t speak good English. How do you more »

Scenes from our life

I’ve been taking lots and lots of pictures of our time here, but few are shared. Until now.  First, I thought I’d share the wild in our life: We have more »

Currently: May … okay, June

Current mood: Slowly getting in a groove here Currently thankful for: J making it off Mount Hood safely, especially after the news that 6 climbers died on Rainier this week! more »

High Points and Low Points

Well, this week has been going much better than last week in terms of breathing a lot easier and having things under control. I felt like I was at the more »

Open for Business

  Well, RR opened for business this weekend! Let me tell you, we were putting finishing touches on everything up until the minute guests walked in on Friday at 3pm. more »

How to Build a Tipi

We open in 10 days and our to do list seems to be growing instead of shrinking!  Our have projects varied, of course. Aside from the whole business of hiring more »

Backpacking Oregon: Warm Springs Trail

J & I went down into Joseph Canyon this past weekend and this time, we turned it into an overnighter. The last time we hiked down, we left right from more »

“You can’t get anywhere from here.”

“You can’t get anywhere from here,” J and I lamented the other day. By here, I mean RR and this northeast corner of Oregon. For years, J & I have more »

Living on the Edge

J & I high-fived last Sunday as we entered Oregon, marking it as our 11th state we’ve lived in (collectively). Living in the Pacific Northwest as I always wanted, a more »

A Twist of Fate

I have been dreading this post. You can probably tell I’ve been avoiding the blog, since I haven’t posted since the first day of the new year.  Well, here goes. more »

Closing one chapter and starting another

We are busier than a one-armed juggler these days. Even J, who never stresses about anything, felt a little overwhelmed these past few weeks. Here’s a snapshot has been going more »

How to live a life less ordinary according the wanderinglavignes.

Steps 1-3:  Dream big, live your passions and don’t ever stop believing. I am here to report that the wanderinglavignes will be wandering once again. We are leaving BD and more »

Converting Visitors Into Bean Farmers

We’ve had a very busy week here with back-to-back-to-back personal visitors (3 sets to be exact), mixed in with some spring break hikers. These days, the one common theme with more »

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