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A little bit of NH in NoVa

One of our favorite things about living in NH was the SNOW!!! Our first year living there, we had record amounts of snow (somewhere around 120 inches). NoVa may not more »

What have we been up to?

It feels like it’s been forever since I blogged, but it’s only been 10 days. Still, let me tell you what we’ve been up to! BD hosted a hiker ruck more »

Ringing in 2013

Our kindred spirits visited us. Yes, we have our very own kindred spirits, another couple who spends as much time outdoors and reuses foil & saran wrap just like we more »

My Garden Groweth

In the dead of winter, I would like to talk about gardening. Fitting, right? This was my first year I tried my hand at a garden and I am proud more »

The Tale of Two Thanksgivings

Deal and I spent Thanksgiving apart this year. Don’t gasp. We live and work together everyday, so we should probably take breaks like this more often!! What this means is more »

Who wants to be a sawyer when they grow up????

I used to joke that when Deal worked in parks and recreation, he went to all sorts of cool conferences. I mean, they played wiffle ball and Minute To Win more »

Welcome Fall

What I love about BD is that no two days/nights are the same. Thursday night, we had 3 very quiet hikers who hibernated in the hostel. So we carved pumpkins more »

Life Unexpected

I love my new life. It’s funny how things never turn out as planned. I should know this by now, yet I am still surprised by it. The thing is, more »

Hiking, then and now

We have been getting out and doing more and more hiking these days. Novel concept, you know, since we live ON THE APPALACHIAN TRAIL. We are trying to re-hike the more »

Knock, Knock. Who’s There. A Little Black Snake.

The other day Deal stepped outside our front door and something caught his eye. Deal is deathly afraid of snakes. While we were on the trail, our little trio (us more »

We are famous!

Okay, not really, but a local TV station did a piece on the lodge/hostel for their Backyard Adventures Series. A 2-minute segment on the news is enough fame for me! more »

Where we live

Well, so much for my “bonus post,” as it’s been almost 2 weeks! My “bonus post” was going to be pictures of where we live!!! It is so hard to more »

Seis de Mayo

Hi there. Has it been 2 weeks? Oh, 3? Really? Oh boy. That means I missed my deadline for my biweekly blog post! I am sure y’all will be much more »

FridayS the 13th

Friday the 13th, an ominous day known for bad luck. Instead of just one day, though, how about we’ve had several “Fridays the 13th” in a row. First, Deal was more »

April Fools Without A Practical Joke

Two weeks between my blog posts … not bad! But, I thought I better get another one on the books before you all disown me. So for 14 days of more »

Please Standby As I Try To Revive This Blog.

Exhale. So, it turns out that starting two new jobs, moving into a new place and doing some home renovation projects at the same time is never a good idea. more »

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